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The Most Pathetic Excuse for a Massage!!. I have had way too many issues in the last week with this company. kgbdeals offered a 60% discount on a "manage your stress" massage for $24 for 60 minutes. First thing that got old quick was the fact that the day I purchased the coupon, I called Park Central Chiropractor to book an appt for the massage. I've had major knots in my upper shoulders from working at a computer the majority of the day, so it was much needed. I called on three different occasions that day without an answer. I left a voicemail on the third try. Never got a call back. I called several times for the next week and still got no reply, and left one more voicemail. I did not hear back. I then called one day, and received no answer and decided to call again but leave a complaint voicemail and it just so happened that Dr. Tina Bennett answered the phone. She was able to book my massage for that same day. I was happy and excited about the massage and after being given instructions on how to get there and how to enter the building, I was ready to go. Not so fast... I arrived there TEN WHOLE MINUTES early and the security officer would not let me in the parking garage. He kept telling me to drive around the building until I saw him and after driving several laps around the building I was able to spot him and came inside. I was now 6 minutes late due to his unclear instructions on where he was! I walking inside and checked in with a massage therapist who was clearly new because she was as nervous as could be. She was sweet, but I did not appreciate the environment. It was too bright in the room, the janitor was changing trash bags which made too much noise, and someone down the hall was listening to their obnoxious hispanic rap, which did not flatter the soothing music that was playing in my room. I came in for the massage at 7:21pm and it was over by 8:00pm.. so much for a 60 minute massage.... I will never come back to this place ever again!! I did not feel welcome, I did not feel wanted there, and clearly I will be taking my business elsewhere. I spoke with kgbdeals about the matter and they have offered to refund my entire visit and I will be accepting. I had planned to tip my therapist but because she cannot tell time, and because she seemed to lack knowledge on where my pinched nerve was, I did not tip her one red cent! I went there frustrated and left even more tense than I had arrived. This was supposed to manage my stress but made it worse! I will be calling Dr. Bennett to complain, and will most likely get a voicemail. PATHETIC!

April 23, 2011