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The Colony

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They got it perfect. What can I say, Colony is a mammoth of a club, I love the concept, love the design and interior. Full kudos to SBE for a complete revamp of the old White Lotus/Ritual/Halo and more kudos for finally getting something right. This clubs is a breath of fresh air compared to the other BS venues (MI6 & Industry) that SBE built. Even the selection of promoters are quite good. What do I not like? Let see... the dance floor is too small for a club of that size. The door staff should communicate better with the guests. Don't ignore people, just tell them "Sorry but NO" or "Go to Playhouse or Kress" or "Join the bottle service line" or "Sorry but you are too ugly and you are too fat" or "Come back tomorrow when we are not open". Say something just don't ignore people :) I honestly believe Colony will probably last for 4years before SBE starts thinking about refurbishment. I do hope more clubs with a unique concepts like Colony will open in Hollywood. To get in fast and easy, hook up with a promoter and look stunning or bring at least $425 for the cheapest bottle of liquor. Otherwise its a pointless waiting game. Currently Colony is open on Mon: Urban/Hip Hop crowd, Wed: European House night, Fri & Sat: Hip Hop/Top 40/ Open format music with mixed crowd but predominantly Caucasian. 5 stars for an awesome establishment but minus one star for the size (too big). The bigger a club is in Hollywood, the faster it will go out of fashion and deteriorate. Its impossible to main a solid good crowd in Hollywood for more than a year especially at a club this size. New clubs opens in Hollywood all the time. To find the best option for you, check out my website - www evitaparties com. eVita Parties provides Hollywood Guest List to Hollywood Clubs & Los Angeles Events.

January 05, 2011