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Worst experience ever. Countless scheduling incidents, disrespectful staff and a rude manager with the least sense of customer service. If you have had laser hair removal treatments before, you know that it hurts, especially in sensitive areas (there’s a reason why they recommend using numbing cream). During my last treatment I run out of numbing cream half way through my legs that morning, so I didn’t have any cream on for my Brazilian. I though, ouch, this is going to hurt!. Well, I didn’t feel any pain at all. I mentioned that to the technician while she was working on my Brazilian and the answer I got was “that means it is working”. What? That was the first of quite a few no-sense remarks. She even had the nerve to make offensive comments about my body size. Excuse me? I didn’t believe my ears. Normally, the following days after treatment, hair in the treated area seems to grow back but it is actually falling off because of dead follicles. This time not a single hair fell off. To me that means that, either the machine was not working the way it should or the technician was not properly trained. I’m inclined to think the second. The technician, a pregnant lady, wasn’t even wearing protective eyewear. Not that I care much, but that tells you a lot about the level of training that Renew Beauty provides to their technicians. And if you think talking to the manager is going to be of any help, think again. The “manager” is rude, disrespectful and cocky. No matter how much they messed up you are never going to get her to admit their mistake, let alone offering an apology. Don’t waste your money, time, energy or patience. You are going to lose them all and go back home with the only thing you didn’t want, your unwanted hair. Way to go, Renew Beauty!

June 14, 2014

I've wrote a wonderful review for this location before... HOWEVER, today was a huge disappointment with the manager, Luis, she was so impolite... As the new receptionist was helping me out (she was having trouble) the manager, Luis, interrupted us by saying "I'm the manager." not "How is everything going? Is there something I can help you with" Just stating the fact she was a manager to me. She didn't even ask me any questions she simply was trying to get me out the door, not knowing I hadn't set up my next appointment or answering my question about my groupon. She talked down to the receptionist and told her she was basically doing everything wrong right in front of me, a customer. I felt bad for the new girl. Then she stated "Oh so you're scheduling for an appointment six weeks out." again a statement not a question. I responded by saying "Oh, 8 weeks" and Luis replied "It's 6 weeks." with this look as if I did not know anything. I explained to her that the technician told me 8. Her response was "It's 6 weeks, I'm the manager." By this time I was quite aware that she was the manager and it ticked me off that she kept repeating it as if it explained anything. Simply say oh she probably said it by mistake or something. I mean come on the tech even wrote 8 weeks on my file, I saw it. All in all, when I finally had a chance to talk to her about my previous groupon that I did not complete. She blew me off by telling me she had a thousand things to do and simply did not have the time to talk to me. That she will call me back when she gets a chance to look at the file. I was shocked. What kind of customer service is this especially coming from a manager. I had a few positive experience with Luis before. She was nice and polite before. Despite any hectic situation or problems you have, as a manager you should be able to handle any situation with a customer with professional manners. I will not be returning to this location due to this experience. Like people always say, the negative experience always out weighs the positive experience... Again the techs here are awesome! Whitney and Christina are great but the manager truly needs a wake up call on how she treats her employees and any customer....

December 30, 2013
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