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Citysearch Editorial Review. Good news for Kogi-loving Angelenos: You no longer have to stay glued to Twitter and chase down a truck to fill up on Korean BBQ at budget-friendly prices. Rather than the tacos and burritos of Kogi truck fame, the brick-and-mortar sister restaurant offers filling rice bowls for under ten bucks. The tiny strip-mall spot is wildly popular with undergrads from nearby UCLA, so avoid the dinner rush (7pm to 8pm-ish), or be prepared for a hassle factor. If you hit it when the line snakes out the door, you very well may find yourself holding your fresh-served food without a place to sit--unless you don’t mind parking it on the upturned buckets in the narrow hallway leading to the takeout area. The vibe is fun, laidback and plenty loud and lively when the precious tables are packed. The limited menu is anchored by four hearty rice bowls, each of which includes rice, a fried egg, fresh veggies and an assortment of culinary bells and whistles, along with one of the following: buttered kimchi, chicken with spicy sour cream sauce, glazed pork belly or a thick slice of prime rib. The bowls are plenty filling, but starters like Korean meatballs and a $12 dollar salad that lives up to its name (for a mere $7) are hard to skip. There are also specials like Kogi’s famous fries with chili salt and Spam served with avocado and kimchi. While there’s no booze, you will find a cooler stocked with a tasty selection of Mexican and Korean drinks.

April 23, 2010