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W Hollywood Hotel NYE 2011 Celebration!. W Hollywood Hotel New Years Eve 2011 W Hollywood is ready for its close-up. Taking a leading role in putting a fresh face on this world famous celebrity mecca, W Hollywood arrives at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine. With 305 guest-rooms and 143 private residences, W Hollywood is the new star in town! Wake up in the land where dreams come true. Vintage Hollywood meets modern chic in guestrooms fit for a screen legend. Experience the best of La-La Land lifestyle, including a signature W bed, ultra-plush W robes, exclusive Bliss® Spa products, state-of-the-art technology and entertainment system, and our fabulous Munchie Box. W Hollywood will have you seeing stars with our Whatever/Whenever® service, pampering guests with “whatever you want, whenever you want it". If a cocktail is what you desire, then get your mingle on in the Living Room, home to fashion trunk shows, wine tastings and film screenings. Station Hollywood is our outdoor courtyard which features a monumental movie screen that faces a 3,500 square foot outdoor lounge. Our French brasserie, Delphine, will delight you with exquisite cuisine. Developed by the renowned Innovative Dining Group (Sushi Roku, Katana, and BOA Steakhouse), Delphine Brasserie brings a taste of the Côte d’Azur to the heart of Hollywood. For our NYE party, you will have full access to the Living Room, Station Hollywood, Delphine and the Great Room. VIP SERVICES: 323.963.4593

December 09, 2010

Great needs to be more proffesional. I loved the atmosphere at the W. I was in town visitng from Newport Beach and had heard of the new W in Hollywood so I decided to give it a try. The hotel is gorgeous and for the most part the staff is extremely friendly and accomodating. It is a very large hotel and close to all the nightlife and tourist spots an out of towner would want to partake in. I stayed 3 nights and of those 3 nights I visited the lobby bar twice and also spent one evening at the night club on the top floor. I also had a chance to eat at the restaurant a few time and visited the spa once. The lobby bar is has a beautiful red carpet staircase and the crowd seems to be a little more upscale than its rooftop counterpart (the nightclub). The drinks were great, service was very friendly I must say that our waittress was also very easy on the eyes. I definitely was not expecting such friendly service in what I thought would be a posh new hotspot. Needless to say I was very pleased with that. On the other hand I must mention that there is one person I did not care for in the lobby bar and that is the bar manager Daniel or Dominic I believe his name is. I heard him speak very rudly to one of the waittresses and being a business owner myself I felt that his tone and volume was very innappropriate for a place such as the W. In fact, I thought he was a customer and I was going to say something to the guy until I asked one of the workers who he was and they said he was their manager. The only reason I mention this is because I read the above comment about management (specifically the manager) being rude and I felt it was neccessary to write about it in my review. The last thing a customer wants to see/hear is management reprimanding their workers....especially if you feel the service you are getting is great. The W is a great hotel with an amazing ambience and the customer wants to feel that full experience. The nightclub on the top floor is also a nice place, but a little tricky to get into. I thought that just because I was a hotel guest I would be getting preferential treatment as far as entry, but that was hardly the case. I waited for a long time to get in and had to talk my way to even get in as quick as I did. I found that the crowd was a tad bit young for me, but the music was great and the view was amazing. As for the other hotel ammentities, they were all very enjoyable. I love the Bliss Spa inside the hotel. I was able to sneak away for a massage and it was great. The restuarant inside the hotel is also very good. They had very good seafood dishes and I was pleased with the selection. Overall I loved the hotel and would definitely stay there again. In fact, I hope to very soon!

June 29, 2010
Doesn't Recommend

DOUBLE TIPPING common practice. Just celebrated my birthday at The Station (which is a great outdoor lounge area) and overall, everyone in my party had a great time. Our waitress was very attentive and friendly and even brought over a birthday cake when she found out about my birthday. However, this changed the minute we asked for our check. Our once attentive waitress became M.I.A. and we had to wait over 20 mins. to track her down. She then informed us that our bill could only be split on 3 credit cards which is pretty hard to do with 10 people and over 3 hours of ordering drinks. Thankfully, we were able to break up the bill and gave our waitress specific instructions on how much to charge each card (which already included 18% gratuity) minus the cash we handed her. When our waitress came back, she had pocketed the cash we gave her and recharged the gratuity on the 3 credit cards. When I informed our waitress about the "mistake" on DOUBLE TIPPING herself, she initially played dumb but finally agreed to give us our cash back. However, when she returned with our money, she still shorted us $10. When I brought this second "mistake" to her attention, she asked me why I was trying to nickel and dime her. In short, The Station has a VERY SHADY business practice. BE VERY CAREFUL about using credit cards at this bar because it looks like it's common practice for waitresses to double tip themselves with big groups. Be sure to check your itemized bill because that's the only place you'll notice the "mistake." If we didn't bring it to her attention, our waitress would have never offered to give us our cash back and would have closed us out with an almost 40% tip.

May 24, 2010

W Hollywood. I stayed at this hotel for 8 evenings. Although it was quite impressive, I was disappointed in some of the staff. They should change the name of the hotel to "W" Whatever Whenever Dependent on who you are! We arrived on an Friday Evening and the lobby was packed with people due to the club in the lobby area. That night there were people running around in the halls in the early morning hours. I was not impressed. The road noise is really bad. On the Saturday, you could hear horns honking and people leaving the bar at about 2:30 in the morning. They have a beautiful bar in the lobby and one outside on the patio area. The bar in the lobby was packed so I tried to go out to the outdoor lobby and I was told that I couldn't go out there because it was a private party. I explained that I was staying at the hotel and I just wanted to get a drink because the other bar in the lobby was packed and they said i wasn't able to go to the bar because it was a private party. They advertise Drai's Lounge as being part of the Hotel, but in actuality I was advised that Drai's is a separate entity from the hotel therefore guests of the hotel may not necessarily have access to Drai's. This is extemely misleading. I gotta tell you, I was not that impressed with Drai's. The club was just O.K. The pool is beautiful. It is located on the 12th floor. The pool closes at 5:00 PM so that they can prepare for the opening of Drai's in the evening. That was disappointing the limited access to the pool. We went to a restaurant and brought home a doogie bag as the kids couldn't finish their meal. They tried to charge us $45.00 to heat up the meal. Needless to say, we were not impressed by that. The gym is great. The only problem is they don't have a sauna. The only sauna is located at Bliss and they wanted to charge $35.00 to use their dry sauna. The Concierge Ku and Sonia were great. The housekeeping staff were great. I tried Delphine Restaurant and had the Sword Fish. It was excellent. The rooms were really nice. As impressive as the hotel was, I would rate my "W" hotel experience about a 7 out of 10.

April 12, 2010
Doesn't Recommend

Awful experience at The Station, need a new manager. I went to The Station at the W Hollywood for my friend's birthday. It was a lot of fun until it came time to pay my tab. I asked to close out and then patiently waited as the waitress ran my card for another person's tab. When I pointed out her mistake she went off to correct the situation. In the meantime I was just standing a the bar waiting for her to return. While she was gone I had multiple security guys come up to me and tell me I had to leave...when I told them I was waiting for my card an asian girl who was behind the bar overheard and started getting an attitude with me. This was out of the blue as I did not say anything to her and she was not a part of the situation. Finally, the waitress returned with my card and another INCORRECT tab...they grossly over charged me. The manager...Dominic Scoles then came over and was a complete jerk. I wanted an itemized receipt so I could see exactly what they were charging me for. He refused and insisted that I give him my ID and stood there while I signed the tab...making me sign it 3 times because he was not satisfied that my signature was not an exact replica of the one on my license from when i was 16. Seriously, whose signature is exactly the same as when they were 16?! Dominic is irrational and threatened to call the cops on me during this whole process (Geez man all I wanted to do was close out and pay HUNDREDS of dollars and he wants to call the cops?!..."oh, I'm sorry officer I was just trying to be a responsible patron and collect my credit card and pay this fine establishment money..."). The Station could be fun but they have to get rid of the toxic people they have working there. If the W wants to stay away from lawsuits in the future they need to be more careful about who is managing their bar/lounges. I also know for a fact that I was not the only person who had a MAJOR issue with Dominic...think there might be a pattern here? I think so. On the up side, I was told the fresh made drinks were delicious, the waitresses were all in all really great and the DJ was decent. If they got a good, honest manager in this place it just might be ok.

April 04, 2010