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Drai's Hollywood

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Doesn't Recommend

SUCKS BIG TIME.. Don't let the rating fool you!. I HATE this club.. I hate it because they don't let you in unless you are a celebrity. Also, they don't let you in if you don't know someone that has already reserved a table and you have to be on the list. If you are not on the list then you wait outside for hours.. In heels with you feet hurting. While your feet is hurting.. your standing there watching them let in women with mini skirts and blonde hair. If you are a guy.. they don't let you in. If you are a girl they don't let you in unless your half naked. And they may let you in if you spot em an extra $20 or $40 bucks.. depends on the person.. I'm putting him on Blast!! Sonny and BO in my eyes are both racists bastards.. And I will never go back there again. I never felt so low in my entire life.. check out yelp and you would see what others are saying about this club. Plus the rating is high because the same dumb promotes are putting 4 stars to boost ratings. Read the reveiws and judge for yourself. what others on yelp has said: i created a yelp account just to write a review about this racist pretentious place. i have heard about this place from a couple friends who have been here. one of them came here when it just opened about a year or so ago, easy entry no cover charge. the other came here for a friend's bday and they got bottle service. both said it was nice they had a good time. my bff sister wanted to come out here, she has a client who is a regular at drais and knows someone (drew gates) who can get us on the list w/o cover charge. due to the reviews i read, i was skeptical about this place but she assure we would get in with no issues. i rolled with it. we get there (of course there's a line) approach the bouncer and said "we're invited by drew gates" he says "get in line and call him to come out and get you." we dont have drew gates number so my friend contacted her client to figure all this out. while she's doing this, we see this guy who works for drais walk up and down checkin out the line. he points at 2 girls at the end of the line, both tall blonde chicks and walks them to the front. my bff and i looked at each other with our "wth" looks. ok fine, we werent so bothered. but then he comes out again and approaches this group (2 girls 2 guys) in front of us, talks to them for a bit and walks them to the front too. ok this time i got frustrated, wth was that?! there was 2 guys in their group! hit me, that group was all white. at this point, i begin to feel furious. grabbed my girls and said f this, let's go i am not tolerating the unfair treatment. what a racist piece of crap venue. so DO NOT COME HERE. i will NEVER EVER come back here ever again!

April 24, 2011

Lots of cash required. I've always despised large clubs. However, only the concept & design secured the 3 star rating otherwise its a crap hole n the ground. Drais is not exclusive. Way too big to be exclusive. There are not enough exclusive people in Hollywood to fill up Drais. It is what it is, a venue for a weekend crowd, a place to charge cover at the door and make much money to pay the rent, a place with 65 bottles service tables. You have to be a moron if you expect Drais to be packed with high quality clientele almost a year after they opened. Hollywood does not work like that. This venue is just like Playhouse, they try to be as A-list as possible. You have a chance of fast & free entry if you are white or look white. Otherwise expect a long wait and to pay cover charge. It does not matte how good you think you look, the gay door guy decides and unless you are Madonna, you don't look good enough. Leave your fat friends at home... honestly do it. Obviously the staff knows me well so they will probably get quite annoyed that I wrote this but it is the truth. All the original well trained staff left and the replacement are useless at best. This is a nightclub, they offer a service and you have an option to pay or not pay. Don't complain that they charge for their service. I have to say that it is fun at Drais and well worth whatever they are charging however ridiculous it might be. If you want to get in Drais, first bribe the bouncer, then bribe the door man then pay cover charge. If you have fat or ethnic people in your group, double the bribe or go to Vanguard. New clubs opens in Hollywood all the time. To find the best option for you, check out my website - www evitaparties com. eVita Parties provides Hollywood Guest List to Hollywood Clubs & Los Angeles Events.

February 03, 2011
Doesn't Recommend

shameful. went for dinner at 7:30. place was empty and they could not seat me outside even with a reservation. I believed that all of the outside seating was reserved but at 9 the outside was at a third of capacity. was served a weak drink in a plastic cup and the waitress had an attitude. that was still not the bad the bill and there was a VENUE fee of 25 dollars! when I asked the waitress about the fee she said" i will get the manager because "I do not have the verbiage for it" the manager came and said it was a tax for the spa of the hotel. I did not use the pool I had an over priced mediocre dinner which included tax and a calculated tip already. I then told him that we were told that the seating for the outside was booked and that still at 9:30 it was virtually empty...he then said that I should have found him and he would have seated me. what a shame! when i got to the valet the sign read that for 21/2 hours it would be 7 dollars ...then the guy asked where we were coming from ...i said drai's and then he required 20 dollars! I was out 429.66 for a three person dinner and that left me with a bad taste in my mouth! oh one other thing as I returned from the restroom a bouncer stopped me about two tables away from mine and wanted to know if i was a guest for dinner! i ignored the question and went to my table...ready to go......the good news is that after we left ...we went to formosa and had a great time! the drinks were great and the staff was very warm and friendly!

September 05, 2010