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Bar 210 Plush

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Doesn't Recommend

Rudest MOST UNPROFESSIONAL service I have ever experienced!. 11/9/11 UPDATE-- WARNING: INACCURATE 5 STAR RATING (FAKE REVIEWS BY CLUBS PROMOTERS) I was shocked to see that the ratings of this club magically "lept" from 1.5 stars to "5". I checked the 5 star ratings and they were ALL WRITTEN by the SAME 2 PEOPLE who were SOLICITING BUSINESS FOR THIS CLUB! I immediately emailed City Search Customer service to alert them to this fact~clearly these SAME 2 promoters should not be able to cast 74 5-STAR votes for their own club! >If you check the YELP website you will see that they have achieved 1.5 stars. ORIGINAL REVIEW (BELOW): Rudest MOST UNPROFESSIONAL service I have ever experienced! It is no wonder that this club (originally open 6 days per week) has been forced to cut back on their hours of operation and is now only open 3 days per week. Before many of these bad reviews were posted, I called the club and asked to be put in touch with their official booker so that I could arrange to host a private event there. She took us on a tour of the club and through phone calls and emails we eventually agreed on terms to host our event at bar 210. Then, mysteriously, she stopped returning my calls or answering my emails. When I finally tracked her down, she "couldn't remember" anything about our deal, despite our email paper trail. I was eventually put in touch with her male co-worker. He disputed the validity of the previous deal and tried to make a "new deal" with me under much more onerous terms. He contradicted himself so many times in our conversation and became so antagonistic that I just didn't trust him or the club and did not feel comfortable having any dealings with them. The extremely low yelp rating they have subsequently received completely corroborates my suspicions. One wonders who is in charge of this horrible mess and if there is any professional oversight in their day-to-day operations and business dealings at all?

January 20, 2011
Doesn't Recommend

All the Worst of LA Clubs in One Obnoxious Place. Notice that all the positive reviews are promoters - and not ones with good crowds. They have practically 100 promoters and subpromoters. Having been invited to several events at this place, I will say it is BY FAR my least favorite spot in the entire city. The club is filled with ugly, obnoxious people with attitude. This is NOT a cool Hollywood crowd, a hip downtown artsy crowd, or EVEN a high class Beverly Hills crowd. Its filled with a bunch of Gucci wearing low lifes - with a male to female ratio of 10 to 1. The only good nights this club saw were in its opening weeks (a time long ago). The only times I'd even think of going here again would be if it was hosting an after-party for a private events at the Beverly Hilton. If not steer clear! I even had a miserable time when I was on a promoters guest list and had drink tickets. I talked to the only blond in the nightclub, who proceeded to tell me how she was visiting, hated LA, and had come to the club two nights in a row. (That was clearly her problem, as Bar 210 is everything that is wrong with the LA night scene - and yet their management thinks they're amazing and worth $40 entry and tons of headache) But the final straw was when a producer who I helped in the early stage of his project had a release party, and I showed up at 11:01 after dealing with their overpriced and poorly trained valet for 5 minutes, and was told the guest list was closed at 11:00, and I would have to pay $20 to get in. 11:01! Seriously, the entire staff could care less about people. Some of the most stuck up promoters and door people in town - and most nights its staffed with punk kid promoters who think that they create a hot night by treating everyone with disdain. And this place has a generally terrible looking crowd. Tons of older married men. 40+ year old scary Beverly Hills botoxed women whose faces are falling apart from too much work. A lot of young seedy guys that seem like they might be Russian or Persian mafia. A ton of classless girls with too tight of dresses and who don't possess the intellect to realize that they're face just isn't as pretty as they think it is. And every time I've left the place, there are people throwing up just outside. Literally, all 5 times. And 4 of the 5 times, it was a "Snookie" looking girl with a designer yet hideous tube top dress and a friend with an overly nasal voice holding her hair - different girl each time, but the same type. The other time it was some dude with a no tie, wide open, big collared club shirt on and suit. There is nothing redeeming to the place - I'd say the smoking patio, which is nice, except for the fact it has Bar 210's crowd mucking it up. Expensive parking, expensive drinks, people who (try as they might) can't buy style, rude door people, egotistical and rude promoters, a decor that is boring, an atmosphere that wears out its welcome in 15 minutes, and honestly, I saw better looking people getting turned away at the door than in the club (partly because of idiotic promoters who have no idea who anyone is and turned away a director that I recognized) And the door is a pain, even when you know the promoters. If you're a good looking, well dressed, successful guy with a good attitude, and an impressive business car, you'll still likely get turned away, even with a girl on your shoulder, and even if you're a guest at the hotel. (And you'll get turned away after paying exorbitant parking and being treated like crap by early 20 year old brats who are full of themselves) Meanwhile, you'll see packs unattractive 22 year old males with nothing of note on their resume and sporting bad Melrose-bought club clothes getting whisked in by their promoter buddies left and right. Okay, I've wasted enough breath. Put this place out of its misery.

December 18, 2010