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Review from Citysearch

Tara Nurin

Citysearch Editorial Review. Don’t be offended when the bouncer tells you that you have to wait for a party to leave before he’ll let you head down the outdoor steps into this swanky underground cave. He’s not getting all Manhattan on you or passing judgment on your looks; he’s simply keeping the atmosphere comfortable for guests who are already sipping Rittenhouse-priced classic cocktails at this seating-limited, tables-only den. Once he allows you join the couples and intimate groups of well-frocked friends, you’ll find dark, imposing, clubby décor that the richest drinkers during Prohibition might have sought out, along with the very fewest of refined nibbles and wait staff that’s surprisingly down-to-earth, considering the unapproachable mystique you imagined while you were waiting in the cold.

February 02, 2010