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Review from Citysearch

Tara Nurin

Citysearch Editorial Review. Good old Jolly Weldon is back. Two years after closing Jolly’s Piano Joint, the bar owner every well-kept Philadelphian over 50 seems to know and love reemerged with his latest rendition of a piano bar, just around the corner. This rollicking, New Orleans-style piano joint places two baby grands on an elevated center stage that faces a line of plush U-shaped booths that encourage sinking into and ordering specialty cocktails all night from a seated position, unless, of course, you wish to partake in piano karaoke or some spontaneous getting jiggy with it. For those unable to score a booth, there’s always the option of two trim bars in the front and back of the room, one of which comes equipped with regular happy hour specials, a host of divorcees who may or may not get physical with their personal trainers, and TVs to watch in the hours before 8pm, when the pianos get going.

November 09, 2009