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the first truely racist nightclub I've ever experienced. Me and my gf are models ..we aren't average looking but we are asian...our friends had a table so we let the door guy know that we were with a group who were inside at the table..the doorguy justin the douchebag kept on saying ok but he never ever really gave us eye contact or tried to accomodate us he just kept on brushing us's not like we were just trying to get in for free we had a table.. he also said it loud enough for us to hear after standing outside in the cold for an hour "who's going to handle the asian persuasions"..I was so angry it ruined my night..not only was this the first time I ever had such a problem getting into a club especially when our friends had a table but it's the first time a door guy made a racist remark for us to hear...we were the only ones left standing in line after all the white people were let in right in front of us all the other minorities left because of waiting so long....If there was a button for no stars I would have chosen that..if the guy really didn't want to let us in he should just say so and not pretend like he's going to accomodate us was already 1am and our white guy friend came out and got us and he finally let us in ..justin the doorguy was rude enough to give a guy in front of us the option to sneak him 20 bucks to let him in but not even give us that option with an hour of standing in the cold..seriously if your going to be racist don't make it so obvious.

May 22, 2010