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Popkiller on Vermont Ave is full of Poop!. I want you to know that I will NEVER shop in the store on Vermont Ave or probably any Pop Killer store ever again. And I Will Be MOST HAPPY TO SPREAD THE WORD OF HOW UNFRIENDLY AND RUDE the sales person is, and has been all 3 times i have been to the store on Vermont Ave.  I do not know what I did to this woman to make her so unappealling and unhappy except buy products from that store. The first time I went in she acted as though i was disturbing her staring into space. When i purchased some eyewear the next time I was in the store, there was no warmth nor eye contact just attitude. This last time (tonight) i was in. I had just finished dinner and i walked into the store to see what was new. As i browsed the store i noticed an album cover of "Pink Lady" a 70's Disco group from Japan. I have the album and i was surprised that there was a copy. I browsed for a minute then went to the desk and asked "What does this t-shirt say?" she answered in a very cold way. Then i said that I was happy to see Pink Lady on the wall, I love the song and i have it on my iPad! Her response was "Can you take that outside or throw it away?" I looked at her thinking "what?" My Toothpick!? And I said "this?" "This is a toothpick" She then said so many people come in and throw it on the floor. i then said "I am very respectable and I was born in Japan" I then put the tooth pick i my pocket and watched her walk away from me. i then said this isnt food its a toothpick. She then pointed towards the door and said "Please no food or drink!" i then said "IT'S A TOOTHPICK!" as she walked away again, this time even faster than the first. "You are a very rude person!" We then exchanged words I put down the products that I had in my hand and said "I will NEVER shop here again, you are very, very rude" Her answer? "OK!" How can you employ a woman like this. i dont know if she is Manager, but her attitude is not worth the store lose customers. I would like an apology from this woman (I never got her name and i was boiling when i left) or someone from Pop Killer? But if this is how all of your sales staff is then I am SURE i will NOT be receiving an email, phone call, smoke signal, singing telegram etc etc. But just in case you would like to reach me, send a message. I won't be holding my breathe. I love and respect myself too much to sit and wait. Raynard  

August 22, 2010