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Doesn't Recommend

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!. I stayed over christmas + would you believe I left the car for 5-10 mins parked outside so that I can check into the hotel, and the Valet people outside said we MUST leave our keys with them. So we did, a little hesitant, +guess what. THEY STOLE OUR RADAR DETECTOR!. We left our car parked in a different location, no sign of break in AT ALL, and this hotel would not admit that they stole it. This detector was left in the glove compartment, and they must have took it very fast because they broke a piece of it off. We DEMANDED to see footage and they would not let us when they claimed that they videotape everything outside. THIS IS A 5 STAR HOTEL PEOPLE - THIS IS NOT HOW U TREAT PEOPLE!!!!! This hotel was especially not worth the price when they are thieves! They wouldn't even reimburse us or anything, they just kept saying it wasn't them when CLEARLY it was. This car was not touched nor used at all the entire trip EXCEPT by their valet service who JUST was supposed to hold the keys in case they needed to move the car. They also switched their story on us 5 times which is PROOF they took it. It took 4 months to supposedly try to figure out what happened, probably so that we wouldn't write a review on them. They did nothing to help or solve the matter but waste time. They are encouraging their personnel to steal things from people's cars because the have a circle where everyone is involved and split the costs. I've heard about hotels doing this, and would have never thought the JW marriott hotel would stoop so low. DON"T EVER STAY IN THIS HOTEL!!! They lost me and my family as a customer, as well as every friend and person that I know of, and hopefully YOU. I've valet my car at restaurants and various 3 star hotels or under with that radar detector in it and NOTHING ever happened. For a 5 star hotel to do such a thing, SO VERY low. Please tell all your friends not to stay at Marriott hotels. They need a serious change before anyone should ever go back.

April 20, 2008
Doesn't Recommend

BEWARE ! VERY DISSAPOINTED!. My husband and I stayed numerous times at the Marriott in fourth street in SF. We always enjoyed our stay there! We were not impressed with the staff at the JW Marriott When we arrived we carried our own luggage inside the building ,While staff members watched .Oh they did open our car door. We placed our bags on a bell mans cart . As a matter of fact ,All the Staff were pushy for tips even for a bucket of ice We stayed two nights at this Jw Marriott .We tipped to the tune of almost $250.00 to this pushy lazy staff. bed linens were Not changed ,The maid did not vacuum or wipe anything down ,received clean towels. When we arrived back to the hotel the second night of our stay the valet parking attendant rudely stated he thought we had checked out? What an insult ,I explained to him we were staying two nights . I then went inside to talk to someone at the front desk ,Their was a young dark haired Asian man there, All I wanted to do was make sure we were Still booked for two nights ? He told me yes ,was independently owned and operated .upon checking out that next day we carried our own bags down , I wanted to go back in and talk to someone at the check in desk ,But after the Nasty Rude person I spoke to the night before I was frankly a little Scared to. After my husband brought the car round four of the valet parking attendants ran over to open the doors really pushy ,My guess is they wanted More Tips.Hum maybe because they were holding their hands out with their palms up? When we received our bill for a regular room two nights stay ,We were charged two nights valet parking even though we moved the car. The bill came to $880.00 without any room service or anything else. Wow I don't ever want to pay to be treated this way again.I did make a call after we returned back home to Reno Nv. I spoke to someone who was very kind ,However it had been over 24 hours and he could not adjust the bill.. Please everyone Beware!

November 23, 2007