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Ahead of Hair

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Stay Far Away from these Hair Butchers. This salon burnt my scalp and did not even think to apologize for it. I had a simple relaxer which I have had done hundres of time. I have even done my own relaxer with better results than what i got here. The owner, Tony burnt my scalp by applying the chemical directly on the scalp and not on the hair. I left with my entire head feeling as if it was on fire and the feeling lasted for hours afterwards. When Tony was styling my hair, I told him just as I told him when I walked in the door that I like curls and wanted lots of curls in my hair. I left there without a single curl. I told him again that I wanted curls and he had the nerve to tell me that I looked better withouth curls. so he had the nerve to refuse to give me curls. He used a blow dryer on my hair to dry it and straighten it. He then used a flat iron to straighen it even more. He used the flat iron to death on the back of my head and I could not understand why. Well two days later, I washed my hair to clean out all of the puss that was leaking from the sores that the relaxer caused on my scalp. The sores caused my hair to stick together in a mass like syrup or glue was attached to it. I also had decided that I I was going to curl it myself. After washing it, I found that he reason he used the flat iron so much was becuase the relaxer did not work. Either he did not work it onto the hair enough or else he does not know how to do a relaxer but on any account the back of my hair was nappy as if no relaxer had been applied. The front was fine but the back was horrible. I went back to the salon and told them and they did not care. I asked for tony and they said he was at the other shop and would not be back until the next week. I went back that next week and told him about the nappy hair in the back and his response was I do not know why you got sores, I based it enough. He offered no apology nothing. To add insult to all of this, I ended up paying $200 for this lousy hair treament and thought the experience was horrible.The staff gossiped too much and spent to much time talking to Tony that I do noth think he paid attention to what he was doing. So I left Ahead of Hair with straight hair and no curls and my scalp felt like it was on fire. Tow days later I find out that I wasted my money on the relaxer. I had sores and a discharge from my scalp. Good grief, I do not thnk it could have been any worse. I really hate the fact that he refused to do my hair the way I asked. I asked for darn curls and he refused. In hindsight, I should have refused to pay him. But I am not the type to make a scene. If zero stars was an option that is what I would have given this salon

April 09, 2010