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I had promised myself I would audit as many classes as possible before I picked the one I was going to commit to, because money is definitely tight. Wayneâ??s Meisner studio was only the second one I saw, but I knew as soon as the audit was over I had found the right fit for me. Things that proved the deciding factors: 1) Iâ??m an actress who comes from the stage and is looking to start working in film/television. Wayne speaks my language, he worked in both industries and understands what skills translate, and what bad habits need to be challenged and outgrown! 2) You actually get to work with Wayne, not with a bunch of other teachers who trained under him. 3) The other students who are drawn to this class are also hard working, serious actors. You grow a ton from working with each other in rehearsals and class. 4) You will always get to work and be seen EVERY CLASS. Sometimes the classes run a little long, or the classes seem a little small, but thatâ??s so everyone is getting a full chance to work the Meisner exercises or perform their scene study. 5) This is definitely one of the most affordable studios in town. But most of all 6) Wayne is exactly the kind of mentor/coach I like working with. Heâ??s analytical, observant, and direct. If he sees you disconnect in a scene or get self-conscious of the audience for even a moment, he will call you on it. And help you get better for next time. He really wants to help you grow, not make you feel bad. Which means he doesnâ??t let you off the hook, but he doesnâ??t tear you down either, and you feel yourself getting better and more consistent in your abilities over time. I can honestly breakdown crying from a place of real pain (not faking it) fairly consistently now, multiple times in a day, and recover, thanks to this class. Fair warning, Wayneâ??s Meisner class is not for the faint of heart. Not only are you committing to class times, but two rehearsals every week with fellow students. The whole program is designed to be two years long (with holiday breaks). The scenes you will be assigned will easily be 10 pages long or more. For me, this was a no-brainer because I was looking for a challenge, and I want to be an actress for the rest of my life, so committing to a longer course of study while also auditioning and working was a good fit for me. For some itâ??s not a good choice. When he has enough advanced students, he puts together a master class of students who get to perform in front of casting directors and agents, but he really wonâ??t put you there until youâ??re ready. Iâ??ve gotten really good headshot advice from, assistance preparing for an audition, and useful branding advice in little moments before and after class where you can talk freely with him. So whether you want an acting education as good as a conservatory training, or a class where you can flex your acting muscles, and fine-tune yourself professionally, you can get both out of Dvorakâ??s studio.

September 06, 2017

Meisner Technique in Los Feliz! I was searching for an acting class that teaches the Meisner Technique and all of my internet searches included â??The Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio among the top results. I audited Mr Dvorakâ??s class and I was immediately struck by his calm demeanor and avuncular charm. As the class continued, it became obvious that Wayne Dvorak really knows his craft! I observed closely as he dissected the work of his students and gave them detailed and constructive criticism of their performances. I was hooked :-). As I have continued my studies with Mr Dvorak, I am continually impressed by his keen insight and vast store of knowledge concerning â??The Industry.â?? He not only acts as our acting coach, he provides us with information and advice on head shots, auditions, casting directors, and professional behavior. Mr Dvorak takes his job seriously and encourages us to do the same; to apply ourselves diligently toward the goal of becoming working actors. Mt Dvorakâ??s approach combines the classical approach of his 50 years in the industry with the realities of contemporary Hollywood â?? in short, hard work and dedication never go out of style and, there are roles available for well-trained actors of all physical types. The small class size (12 max) enables him to give detailed notes on our performances and ensures that each and every student gets the attention he/she deserves. I feel lucky to have found the Wayne Dvorak Acting studio and I wholeheartedly recommend all aspiring actors to study here with the following caveat: You must be prepared to work hard, act like a professional, and dig deep within yourself to open up and find the reality in your â??performance!"

September 25, 2016

Meisner training from an awesome, experienced acting teacher I'm so happy that I decided to take Wayne Dvorak's Meisner program. I came into this program about 7 months ago having some experience acting but no formal training. In the past I felt like I'd always been relying on basic instincts and an incoherent hodgepodge of tips that I had received from various teachers/directors over time, without really having a strong technical base to build on or a clear idea of who I was as an actor. Wayne has changed all of that for me not only through the Meisner training but through his thoughtful, specific, personal feedback. Wayne really takes the time to focus on and learn about each of his students (he keeps his classes small) in order help each of us to grow into ourselves as actors. He doesn't sugar coat anything, and you can expect to get very clear, honest, useful notes with no BS. This is also reflected in the studio's environment where you are challenged to deeply connect with your emotional life when you are acting and push yourself to be totally honest with yourself and your scene partner. Wayne does a great job of showing you how the Meisner exercises help you to be more present and real and how to apply the technique to scripted work. When doing scenework, he always chooses interesting, challenging scenes and puts a lot of thought into choosing roles that suit the students in the class and will push them into new areas. Wayne also has a lot of experience with the industry, having been a working actor himself, and was always willing to talk after class whenever I've sought career advice. But on top of all that, Wayne is just a great guy to be around. I think anyone who is serious about being an actor and is willing to put in the work every week (both in class and outside it in rehearsals), regardless of what their experience level is, will get a lot out of this class and will come out of it a better actor.

September 08, 2016
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