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Please pass this place is scary. This is a perfect bar if you like drunk clueless girls & belligerent bartenders who yell racial slurs at people!! Don't get me wrong, the decor is cute, decent music & they have a kitschy drink menu. but let me tell you, EVERY TIME i have been in there i have encountered the drunkest & most belligerent people ever. this last time was even worse, because not only did a random girl come up to me & start calling me names and yelling racial epithets at me (i am hispanic) but the bartender went crazy on me as well! he went over to "talk" to the girl (because instead of engaging her we tried to get help) and when she denied saying anything he came over and told me and my friend that we were aggressive and gh*tto. he then proceeded to call us beaners and said he would "sl*p the gh*tto right out of us." he LITERALLY said exactly that. have you heard someone called a beaner in like 15 YEARS?! i had been there 5 minutes and wasnt even a quarter of the way into my beer. they then posted a guy right behind us to guard the populous of this bar against our potentially crazy, 5 minutes in a bar with no alcohol behavior while leaving the girls who were so drunk they were practically falling down to their business. as he stood behind me, the girl and her friend continued to call us names and actually physically try and jump at us (their guy friends were holding them back) and the bouncer and the bartender did nothing. when i asked him if he could hear the insults the girl was yelling at us he said he "wasn't listening." how convenient. and scary. i would definitely say watch your back if you are sane, professional, educated and of any ethnic culture. otherwise you may get the gh*tto sl*pped out of you by the ever diligent peace keeping forces manning the joint. honestly, i HATE to say it, but it seems to be the case. go up the street to tangier or to AKBAR or someplace divey-er but safer like coach and horses on sunset. this place ain't safe for normal people.

June 12, 2007
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