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Like it.. I live in Midtown Village and as such have a vested interest in helping sustain the renaissance the area has enjoyed over the past few years. I frequent the area's bars and restaurants because I like the edge they have to them, something found exlcusively in establishments that have taken a neighborhood back by force. Time fits this bill. It is unapologetically different in its concept and its mission. I've so far been 4 times (like i said, I have an interest) and have done all the places' "rooms". Whether you want a nice dinner in the huge-windowed chandeliered dining room, a stiff whisky (or even a whiskey) or interesting beer on the cozy wood-lined bar, or feel like getting a bit seedily exotic in the upstairs absinthe lounge, your order is filled here. The food is excellent on the full dinner menu, and the bar menu doesn't disappoint. Drinks are poured well and with a side of knowledge from the bartender, and their selection of wines and beers is thorough to say the least. This place sets a lofty goal for itself - - catering to many different crowds at once (and I wouldn't want to be on the business end of the Rent payment on a place this size) but it really fires on all cylinders. I will be back. Five stars.

October 29, 2008