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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

Please This Place Is CHEESE!. I always laugh when I read Citysearch reviews because you can always tell the ones that are written by the employees and friends of the owners and the real people that have something to say. Although I agree that FoodDoggy probably should not live in Philly if he feels that way, I also have to agree with most of what he has to say. Philly is a wannabe NYC. With that being said this place is awful. Yes Unique, yes a good design and some cool stuff going on there, but the menu is so boring and stupid and every dish we have ever had there so improperly executed that it is obvious they know nothing about food and are relying on the trendy scene that just eats what they are told to eat and claim they enjoy what the setters tell them they should. So whether you are a friend or not, please write an honest review. If you have eaten here you know that the food is mediocre at best and totally unimaginative and horribly executed. The service is obnoxious which is pretty much par for the course with this type of wannabe joint. I just think that they are way over priced and the food is totally lousy. Over cooked meats, stale bread, sauces that completely overpower the nuances of every vegetable or protein they are teamed with. That's fine in a lot of ways if the price is right and you know you re going to get that when you walk in the door. But when a place builds itself up and plays itself as something special and serious about food and you have the experiences that we have had there you kind of lose respect for the owners, the staff and anyone that goes there for anything outside of getting drunk. I think they should cook things they know how to cook or hire a chef that can bring a food concept that will compliment their over all concept. So PLEASE BE HONEST even if you are a friend, because a real friend will tell their friends when they are screwing up.

October 30, 2008