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The best women's only concept yet!. What a fantastic concept! I LOVE THIS PLACE! I always said that just because we are Women doesn?t mean that we have to have sissy workout machines if we don?t want to workout with men! This women?s only Gym membership comes with a personal trainer that will set you up with a personal strength assessment , customize a workout plan for you and monitor your progress ( no not a waist measurement and a wimpy 30 min circuit workout with a bunch of hopefuls like curves, I say this because I was one of them) . I am not saying that Curves is a bad place or a 30 min workout, because this uptown gym has a 29 min workout, as well as 20 min fat blast classes, but listen ladies, this gym has REAL machines and REAL Trainers! Get the difference? They also have a FAR Infrared sauna that covers your whole body with a wrap and really targets the areas in need. It Detoxifies your body, reduces stress, raises your core heat so you actually get a ?passive? workout and is fantastic for arthritis and pain relief. Really! You have got to at least try this even if you are a member of another gym, they will still have a reduced body wrap program for you and the infrared sauna for you regardless of where you work out. BURN UP TO 1000 CALORIES PER SESSION!!!!!! OK, I?ll get off my soap box, just go and talk to them today, they are really nice and a great resource for weight loss, fitness plans, strength training, detoxification, body sculpting, and breaking your plateau all in a women?s only gym! Whoo hoo!

November 23, 2007