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Stay Away from MISSION HILLS GALPIN HONDA!!! Please read! Real client and regret every minute of it! Don't end up in the same mess I am in. This does not deserve one star but I HAVE to select one. I bought my car there in November 2017, it is July 11, 2018 and I am still having paper work issues. 1st issue- the dealer cashed my deposit check 3 days before the day I had authorized it. Mind you, they promised me and reassured me that they would wait to cash my check. Nope, $1,500 deducted sooner (w/out my knowledge). My house payment was due the day before and my bank contacted me saying my house payment did not go through since $1,500 was taken.. this isn't a small bill- its my MORTGAGE- AKA CREDIT SCORE!! That was my first issue. (nothing was done for the inconvenience- NOTHING) 2nd Issue- the sales man that sold me my car passed away a few weeks after (RIP his soul) and he did not sell me the correct car. I had paper work that was not for the car I was driving. Pretty much I had gone 4 months paying a car that was not mine and insurance for a car that wasn't even the correct car. I drive everyday, even took the car to Vegas during December, and in March they call me, telling me I need to take the car back because they messed up my paper work. This put my payments on hold for 4 months and I could not make a payment because I didn't have an account. Because God is great I did not crash during that time, but if ANYTHING had happened to me, I was not covered. The sales manager is so rude, didn't even handle my case- instead he forwarded it to his Agent Luzmaria Sanchez. I took the car back - they took my plates off and i had to wait for a new contract. (again, NOTHING was done for this inconvenience either) 3rd Issue- If that wasn't enough, this week I received a letter from the DMV saying they cannot find my proof of insurance and my registration will be suspended on 7/27. WOW!!! I PAY $300 for insurance every month and my $500 payments for the car. I have NEVER been missed a car payment and I have NEVER missed an insurance payment either.. So now, it is July and I don't know who's insurance I am paying or what car. Honda doesn't call me back. Iv'e requested to speak to a supervisor, but no... no one calls me back or acknowledges me. PLEASE DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALER!! I am one to love the Honda brand, but this dealer is a joke. Please Please Please go to a different dealer. Its a shame that the cars are great but THIS precise dealer does not know how to sell cars... and that's the only job they have. If you are car shopping, please go to a different Honda. Take it from me, now I am stuck in this pickle and I honestly don't know what to do at this point. They will tell you everything you need to hear, but as soon as you sign you are another number to them. Honda's are great, I just wish this dealer knew how to actually sell cars.

July 11, 2018
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