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Salon Del Sol Stylists. I went to a stylist and had my highlights done. It was not virgin hair, I was searching for a new stylist. I made sure she knew that I used more than one spot to part, and that I expected a uniform look. Well, it was obvious where the new hair color and the old hair color met, and I was unhappy with the service. I called and got a *correction*. The girl told me she was only going to use one color. It should have been a highlight and lower light to make the color uniform all over my head. She did manage to get some color on the parts that I used, for which I was grateful. But it still was not right. I spoke with the manager over two months. I had a hard time getting contacted by their managment people. When I finally did, the lady managed to simply be as rude as anything. Saying that her stylists were professsionals and I should just let them do their work. Well, her work left me with hair that was two different sections: one that my old stylist did, and what the new girl at Salon Del Sol did. And I had to beg for one correction that didn't! I was offered an appointment with another color person at another store. I was going to take it, but the corporate manager on the phone was simply unnacceptably impolite to me! She said this could not keep going on. I asked her what going on? I had two services that neither of them were correct and how am I to blame for that? She got huffy and said she was going to cancel the relationship between myself and Salon Del Sol! She was returning my money! I pointed out to her, that any further services on my head would likely be charged at a higher rate as they would be considered by most salons as color correction. That just infuriated her further, even though I'm guessing she realized that I speak the truth. With Salon Del Sol, you get what you get. You pay too much for people who think they are so cool, so good at what they do, they forget to listen to their clients! And that goes up to all management levels! I

March 30, 2010