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Review from Citysearch

Kristen L.

LIFE CHANGING!!! I have been seeing Cindi Fox Kemp for one year, and she has virtually put my psoriasis into remission. I was fed up with jumping from one steroid cream to another; I also tried laser treatment, which would make my skin blister and look even worse than before, to eventually have it clear up and then come back a short while later. Neither of these solutions were working, and I was worried about the side effects I was exposing myself to. When I met Cindi for the first time, she was so incredibly thorough... she was clearly very deliberate with her plan for action and suggestions for diet and herbal supplements. I have been seeing dermatologists for 8 years and was never once told anything about my condition being related to diet at all. Cindi opened my eyes to so many things, and has truly changed my life. I am no longer self conscious, uncomfortable or in pain. She and her staff are always beyond professional, yet they bring such a personal touch with their sweet and caring ways. When I had a gynecological issue that had me nervous, she spent twice the amount of time as did my actual gynecologist, and showed compassion and insight that I truly appreciated. Every visit I spend in her office is beyond relaxing, and the results I've seen have me a believer for life!! If you're struggling with health woes and just want to try a different approach, you absolutely HAVE to call the Acupuncture & Wellness Center... My psoriasis has literally melted away, and I have regained so much comfort and confidence... I truly owe it all to Cindi!

October 07, 2016