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Review from Citysearch

Fred B.

After nearly a month of debilitating pain in the area of my upper back, shoulder & entire left arm and after spending countless dollars with a Chiropractor and ingesting a whole lot of muscle relaxing and pain relief pills, I was introduced to a very special person in the name of Cindi Fox Kemp by my daughter. Initially our conversation and assessment of my level of pain and anxiety did not bode well in my mind that I could find relief from the kind of treatment I was told about. Well, let me share the good news with you, after just a few visits with Cindi and her "magical needles", I've become an ardent believer in the benefits of Acupuncture. I cannot recommend Cindi to enough people and if you are one to be reading this message and who suffers from a debilitating pain, I urge you to investigate the ability of this ancient art of healing, and you will immediately come to know the value of its benefits. Thank you Cindi!

March 19, 2014