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LIFE CHANGING!!! I have been seeing Cindi Fox Kemp for one year, and she has virtually put my psoriasis into remission. I was fed up with jumping from one steroid cream to another; I also tried laser treatment, which would make my skin blister and look even worse than before, to eventually have it clear up and then come back a short while later. Neither of these solutions were working, and I was worried about the side effects I was exposing myself to. When I met Cindi for the first time, she was so incredibly thorough... she was clearly very deliberate with her plan for action and suggestions for diet and herbal supplements. I have been seeing dermatologists for 8 years and was never once told anything about my condition being related to diet at all. Cindi opened my eyes to so many things, and has truly changed my life. I am no longer self conscious, uncomfortable or in pain. She and her staff are always beyond professional, yet they bring such a personal touch with their sweet and caring ways. When I had a gynecological issue that had me nervous, she spent twice the amount of time as did my actual gynecologist, and showed compassion and insight that I truly appreciated. Every visit I spend in her office is beyond relaxing, and the results I've seen have me a believer for life!! If you're struggling with health woes and just want to try a different approach, you absolutely HAVE to call the Acupuncture & Wellness Center... My psoriasis has literally melted away, and I have regained so much comfort and confidence... I truly owe it all to Cindi!

October 07, 2016

If you are taking the time to read this and the other reviews for Cindi Fox Kemp at the Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Cary, I assume that you are in search of a highly skilled and reputable acupuncturist. Look no more – you have come to the right place! After years of living with chronic back and neck pain/inflammation, a rheumatologist at UNC suggested I try acupuncture. I wasn’t sure how to find a reputable acupuncturist, so I turned to my primary care physician who highly recommended Cindi. Now that I have been to see her for treatment, I understand why my doctor referred me to Cindi. Cindi listens, gives positive suggestions to achieving a healthy lifestyle and genuinely cares about my overall well-being. It is hard to put into words the relief I experienced after just two treatments – suffice to say, it has been a life altering experience. Being in constant pain can certainly dampen one’s spirits, and I’m happy to say that since I have been receiving treatments my mood has been elevated. In addition to acupuncture, Cindi employs other treatments such as cupping, electrical stimulation and infrared heat, to name a few. I only wish someone had suggested acupuncture sooner and saved me from pain that was negatively affecting my life and disrupting my sleep. If you are sick and tired of living with pain and taking pain meds or muscle relaxers and getting steroid injections, do yourself a great favor and seek Cindi’s help and give acupuncture a try. The office offers a relaxing and soothing atmosphere and each visit Jessica is there to greet you in a warm, welcoming and professional manner. I trust Cindi explicitly and feel confident that she will help you. It’s time to say NO to pain! .

January 19, 2014

Imagine you're headed to a party, when BOOM! a car slams into the back of you. You pull over, survey the damage, cancel plans.. accidents cause traffic, required repairs, and are: time consuming, painful, scary & frustrating! I imagine acupuncture works similarly in my body-when energy moves through me (car on the road) it gets blocked (the accident) by unresolved emotions, stress, injury (other car) and I get stuck in a rut, tired, sick, or in pain (car damage). Cindi (the best) is the specialist (mechanic) that I prefer to see. She uses acupuncture (repairs) to help me heal...At 27 years old I had broken down and unlike a car, there aren't body rentals. Symptoms-hip & body pain, genital inflammation, weak immune, exhaustion, anxiety, no menstrual cycle, etc..were dragging me down. Diagnosed w/ FIBROMYALGIA (acupuncture's GREAT if you have it too) my Doctor prescribed helpful medicine, however, I've found holistic options offer: health + hope + healing on multiple levels. Recommended to me, I tried Acupunture & Wellness Center. It's approach is impressive-offering diet info, vitamins, resources (including the most amazing therapist) and a plan (of action). I believe I experienced an awakening: a deep spiritual-emotional connection between myself and this healing practice/practitioner. I thank Cindi for my awakening, as she (insightful + direct) encouraged me to become aware & heal from the inside out. And I did! Acupunture awoke my soul. At 27 years young I discovered, nurtured, and revitalized my mind, body, + soul, and I'm so grateful! My individual experience was personal & profound-transforming my view of the world and perception myself. As a child I disassociated during trauma, so I had very little memory of my past, good or bad (similar to a person with amnesia). It was through acupuncture that I retrieved & processed memories, felt emotions, and let go of those memories that were too scary to face as a child. I gained clarity and an (adult) understanding of my life was relaxing, and energizing. For me, acupuncture's promoted-logical thinking (as opposed to hormonally charged, irrational thought), eased-PMS, and digestive troubles (aided by supplements), returned & regulated-menstrual cycle, opened-creative energies & self expression, corrected-eyesight, shocking my eye doctor (it's very rare for eyesight to get better w/ age). Cindi gave me courage to trust the process-to let go and let heal. Bravo Cindi!

November 08, 2013
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