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Overpriced small servings, Pretty but boring atmosphere. I chose Chez Colette because the reviews were good, it sounded pretty, and it was close to the Academy of Music, where I was going to a show. I was concerned that it would be overpriced, that the serving sizes would be small, and that it might not be so fun to eat in a restaurant that has a reputation for being empty. Unfortunately, all that turned out to be true. The hours are actually not 6 am to 11 pm. We arrived at 4:45 for our 5 pm reservation, and there were no staff in the restaurant. When a host arrived, he told us the restaurant did not open until 5. We sat in the Sofitel Hotel lobby and had a drink, which was nice. The service in the lobby was very attentive and friendly, and the service in the restaurant itself was very friendly as well, although slow - we did not get out until 7 pm. The big problem was high prices for a very small amount of food. The food itself was excellent - we had stripped bass, filet mignon, and the crab cake, plus the mixed greens salad - - all really well prepared, very attractive. Just wasn't much of it. No one in my group minds paying high prices, but at Chez Collette, you really don't get your money's worth. The decoration of the restaurant is very pretty, but it's not "fin de siecle" style, not really. It's a fairly nice hotel restaurant, but very reminiscent of, well, a hotel, and it is empty of people, which causes a lack of festive feel. Not romantic, not much "atmosphere." One thing that was exceptional was that we were given complimentary desert and coffee, I think because we were sent to the hotel lobby to wait for the restaurant to open - this was very generous of them. I wouldn't go back, though, because of the high-priced small servings and the sort of boring atmosphere. I would suggest Brasserie Perrier on Walnut St. as a good alternative, or Vallani's on Pine St.

August 17, 2007
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