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Well , I apologize for the late nature of my review however; the additional time has confirmed my opinion and review of this remarkable San Francisco Real Estate firm. Several months ago, my mother sold her home of 35 years, due to the passing of my father and the ongoing battle with the Department of Defense, over my father's disability claims and pension. The buyers, insisted on a 7 day close, which forced her to live in hotels for quite some time. Our realtor at that time, made no temporary living arrangements for her, which complicated matters to say the least. Six months and $100,000.00 later, we were completely frustrated and still in search of a home for her to purchase. I saw an advertisement for a rental property that was not available and the picture on the card prompted me to call. I called the Azari Real Estate Group & Property Management firm and spoke with Manzar, who happens to be the President of the company. I shared more than I would initially disclose of our story and expressed my concerns. I immediately felt we were in good hands with Mansar and the Azari Real Estate Group. We met the following day and all I can say is it has been a true blessing of epic proportions since that meeting. Manzar and her associates had a temporary residence for my mother within 24 hours. The level of service and their sincere care and concern has been extraordinary and we could not be happier or more grateful to Manzar and the members of her firm. Previously we have been through quite a bit of nonsense with other agents and management companies, who for what ever reason, demonstrated their biases and consequently, their limitations. There is not enough time to share that with you and just as well. The good news and most important information I can share is the extraordinary good fortune we have experienced having met The Azari Real Estate Group. Accordingly, one of their agents, Eugenia Montzoros, is looking for a permanent home for my mother to purchase and she too, has been remarkable. When you consider the excellence they provide in,"management of the delivery of service," The Azari Real Estate Group, is second to none. Certainly, one of the best firms in the Bay Area and then some!

October 08, 2017

All of the tenants Azari have found for me have been good. In the 7 years that I have been using them I have never once received the rent late and the house has stayed in relatively good shape. Since they deal with the tenant complaints and requests for repairs the only time I hear about a problem is when something needs to be repaired and I have to approve the cost. I am not sure how the tenants are selected other than a back ground and credit check. You have good reason to be nervous about being a land lord is SF. When I first got the house I tried to do it on my own. I screened the prospective tenants myself and thought I did a good job but ended up with a very crazy tenant and had to evict him. To make a very long story short it ended up costing me over 30K in lawyer fees and lost rent not to mention the time and stress of having to go to court. The reason I chose Azari was because I meet Manzar, the owner of the company and trusted her right away. They were not very big at the time and she came to the house herself when I called them. I had just gone though the eviction and was very nervous about renting the house again but she assured me that they would find me a good tenant and get me a the most I could get for the rent ,and she did. The house was rented within 3 weeks and the rent was higher then I thought it would be. During those 3 weeks I even called her and told here we should lower what we were asking for the rent because I was so desperate to get some money coming in from the house but she calmed me down and told me to wait and she was right. The Back office has always seemed very good to me. When ever I have a question about anything the responses are quick and if there is a problem it is resolved. I get my statements on time and they do a walk through of the house every 6 months and send me pictures of the condition of the house. My assessment of Azria my seem a little too good, but since I have used them to manage the SF property I have not had one problem with them and I don't have to deal with the tenants. I would highly recommend the Azari Group, they have been very good to me and have done a very good job managing the house. Please feel free to ask more questions if I have not giving you the answers you are looking for. Good luck and be carful, SF is not an easy place to be a landlord. Best regards, Mark

July 10, 2014
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