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La Bella Dona Spa & Salon

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Horrible!! Horrible!! Horrible!!. This place has to be the most rude, unprofessional and unwelcoming business in Richmond. Which is ironic being that it is a place one would go to relax. The owner, Nancy, has one of the nastiest attitudes that I have encountered in quite a while. My journey with this place goes back quite a while. It began with the purchase of several gift certificates at once for what I believed were some amazing deals. However, I guess the old saying "you get what you pay for" is true. There are several things that happened to leave a bad taste in my mouth with this place. I only kept going back because some of the girls that actually perform the services were very nice but most importantly, I didn't want to lose the money already spent on giftcards. Which brings me to the last straw for me. I recently went in to redeem my last gift certificate for a 4.5 hour spa day, to include a massage, facial, mani & pedi. When i called to book the appointment I was told I didnt have to do all the services in one day. So I decided to just book for a much needed massage first. On the day of the appointment, after my massage I was told that they could only honor my massage & that all other service would be void because the gift certificate had expired. I immediately grew angry because my gift certificate clearly stated that it was not to expire for another month. They began to explain that it was an error on behalf on the gift certificate company they used. To which I responded was not my problem. I have not had the gift certificate a year yet. They would not budge. This has to be illegal. I have had more than one incident at this place but this was the most ridiculous of them all. I would not recommend this place to an enemy to say the least.

January 07, 2011
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