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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

Food looks great, tastes terrible. We went to Super King because the other (good) West End buffet had closed. We were impressed with the presentation and variety; everything looked great. We loaded up a couple of plates and headed to our table. As we tried different dishes, we both were astounded that food that looked so good could taste so bad. Even the best dish was merely OK. It was as if they tried to make it taste bad. Dish after dish proved scarcely edible; several different ones were so bad we each actually sp!t them out. And it's EXPENSIVE - $35 for two. If the food was at least edible, I wouldn't have minded paying that much, If it was good, I'd gladly pay that much or more. But not for one of the worst meals I have had in memory. Don't waste your money.

March 28, 2009