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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

some clerks need to be retrained in policy and procedures. i went to return a pair of MK pants and since i wanted to buy a dinner gown that day, i decided to lighten my load and return the pants first. when i approached the sales clerk at the formal wear counter she looked opened my bag and looked at the merchandise and receipt and told me i could not return them at her counter and i had to go the other end of the store to return. i was baffled, but she said since they work off of "commissions" she couldn't do the return. i was a little upset b/c when i asked which department i specifically should go to she just gave me real generic directions of "over there" and pointed across the store in some random direction. so i wandered over and finally found a counter with a sales lady behind the register and asked her if i was in the right area for my return. she was very polite and said yes. i then told her i just wanted to double check and told her of my previous experience with the other sales lady and she told me something that upset me enough to write this review...SHE SAID ALL REGISTERS CAN RETURN AN ITEM REGARDLESS OF WHICH DEPARTMENT IT IS PURCHASED FROM and she said the other lady was wrong for saying the other clerk was just being lazy but funny thing was i was the only person in line so i wasn't even holding up the line for my simple return. well, the second clerk (and i really wish i got her name so i could give her credit where credit is due, but i was still fuming over the situation with the first clerk) was fabulous and if it wasn't for her i would have only given this store 1 star not 2...long story short, after i returned my pants, i left the store and walked to liberty place and bought my dress there.

June 07, 2008