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The Best SPA - ever!. The Spa is appropriately name - Nurture. From the second you open the solid glass door you are welcomed in to a truly nurturing environment. Once checked in you are invited past the white door and down a curtain lined hallway. The aesthetics of this place are amazing!!! No frilly flowery pungent spa decor. Carolyn, the owner, has created a cosmopolitan comfortable environment (trust me, this lady has style). So ladies... or gents... bring your other half!!! I think my husband goes more than I do. Hardwood floors, white on white decor and drapes from ceiling to floor to create flowing walls separating the waiting area from the manicure areas. Enough about the fabulous decor, let's get to the good stuff.. I have tried almost everything there: Manicure and Pedicure - both done in a stainless steel bowl complete with all the ingredients to make your fingers and toes so soft and beautiful. The menu changes seasonally so I really can't say I have one ultimate favorite. I just had the berry one a few weeks ago - YUMMY!!! Gina is FABULOUS. So are all the girls and guys (can't forget John and Frank). Each person takes their time to truly nuture you and make it a great experience. Massage - my husband loves Ana! She is a true talent in all areas. Massage, skin, and nails. Just wait till you meet her, she has such a great personality. Facials - it's true, you just may fall asleep. Laura will go through step by step details of the facial. Her delicate hands will restore the smooth feel and look of your skin. Don't worry, she'll gently wake you. You will probably see the stylish, beautiful, and very friendly Carolyn somewhere right alongside her staff. You may even be nurtured by her personally. Not only does she own and run the SPA, but she also provides services. Nurture Spa is truly the BEST SPA I have ever gone to. The decor, services, and products meet the highest quality and the staff truly Nurture you. You MUST go.

July 19, 2007

Professional, Friendly Service and Atmosphere. I wandered into Nurture about 18 months ago looking for someone and have been back about every 2 weeks ever since. The first things you notice are the clean, simple asthetics and the professional friendly service. The home-developed pedicure footbaths in stainless steel bowls with smoth rocks are a wonderful change to the noisy, splashing power chairs I'm used to. There seems to always be something new, whether products or services. And each seems to have been carefully selected based on research and real-person appeal. The staff is acomodating to any mood you are in: you can chat with your service expert (we've covered fashion, dogs, local goings-on), catch up on your reading or fashion magazine grazing or simply zone out to your relaxing service - all are welcomed, even within the same treatment!. The heated beds are wonderful, getting you ready to relax and rejuvinate before you even begin your treatment. I've personally enjoyed massage, shiatsu, facials, manicures and pedicures and have found them all to leave me feeling healthier or more glamorous than when I walked in the door. Truly, the effects of the massage and shaitsu therapies have lasted me for days after my treatment. The green part of me really appreciates the cotton toe separators (instead of the typical plastic ones). I also appreciate the great hours/days - I don' t have to 'rush to relax' from work or a busy day just to get in. I look forward to my visits to Nurture - and recommend it to anyone looking for a place to go.

May 13, 2007