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Review from Citysearch

Amy M.

If you do NOT care about your pet, then by all means go see Dr. Merrill. She does not care about your pet either, she's only trying to drain your bank account. In her words to me, your sick animal is "just business ". My sick dog was treatable,for $600.00 dollars upfront,the rest of the cost was left a mystery. When this cost was difficult for me to come up with RIGHT THEN (I offered her the bulk upfront with credit card info for use for the balance in 48 hours) and was asked to leave. I took my unconscious dog home and watched her gruesome death several hours later. She was 9 months old. Thank you for killing my best friend,Dr.Merrill. Also, your staff needs to have serious classes in customer service... you should start with Johnathan asap before what little business you get is driven away. Happy Thanksgiving to you Dr. Death, I hope you're having as nice a time as I am. I have added a picture of my dog, in Dr. Merrill's office,hours before their care/lack of,killed her.

November 26, 2015