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If I could rate less than 0 stars, rest assured--I would. Easily the worst customer service I have ever receieved from an establishment in my time. Do not come here if you are looking for nice bartenders. One bartender accused me of theft. When I tried to get her name from two other bartenders, they both lied about her name and gave me two different names, "Jessica" and "Brenda." Clearly did not consult one another. A man walking past me spilled my drink and I politely went up to the bartender to ask for her to top it off (about 1/5 of a glass). She says she cannot because she would be pouring an entire glass of beer for me. I say, no--it is 1/5 of a glass. She accuses me of lying and that I am simply trying to refill 1/5 of my glass that I may have allegedly drank. Of course, this may always be a possibility. But the principle is where she went wrong. Through a sheer lack of understanding of customer service (which is crucial in her industry), maintaining a sense of selfishness will only lead to her demise. Instead of accusing me of 'stealing beer' from her establishment, "Jessica/Brenda" ought to have topped off the beer and left it at that. Unfortunately, the ramifications were much worse. Her lack of true care for her customers was evident. Not only does this leave a horrible legacy for Vinyl Room, but the patrons visiting the bar also noticed this, leaving her with a terrible reputation and poor standards for the bar itself. What a pity. Another bartender who was at first understanding of my situation and tried to help me out by giving me a new beer (at first she tried to make me pay for it, but seeing my frustration let the tab slide), subsequently took my beer from me after I tried to get more answers from the first bartender and threw it down the drain. Again--easily the worst customer service I've ever receieved in my entire life. When I calmly asked why each bartender was so rude to me, one bartender's response was, "This is a bar, honey." How condescending. I wish I could write down their real names for your reference, but again, they both lied about their names, so I'm afraid that is not possible at the moment. Rest assured I will continue to remind friends to never visit Vinyl Room so long as these aforementioned employees are still with the business. If you are an owner or manager, feel free to contact me. I would reach out to you personally--but your cumbersome employees have refused me the pleasure of releasing your name or email. Cheers.

August 19, 2015

A Diamond in the Rough!!. The first time i walked into this bar i was amazed that i had previously overlooked such a gem. This is not your average Burlingmae bar, where the questionable crowd is controlling the music of the night via Jukebox, Nor is it something you could easily find in the city without paying a cover charge only to overpay for more drinks throughout the night, if you're dressed appropriately enough to get in at all. The Vinyl Room has NO DRESSCODE and NO COVER CHARGE, which is surprising because they have some Incredible D.J's Weds-Sunday with alternating themes (I.E. OLD school Hip hop, Reggae, House, and Mash ups). I happened to be there on a friday night where the bartenders were kickin, whipping up awesomely strong drinks in a matter or seconds at a great price too. More than half of the people were dancing.. including the bartenders and the rest were either maintaining a quiet conversation in one of the Very private and comfortable couch's in the back of the lounge, or outside smoking a ciggaratte (which they also sell AT the bar). They have a HUGE variety or liquor, i was especially excited about the Fernette. The Decor was inviting and sleek, with the mixture of suede couches, leather ottomans, and a combination of graffiti and cultural art on the walls. I was surprised to hear from one of the very cool owners that they opt to keep their DJs away from "hyphy" music, and in turn keeping out the "hyphy" crowd. Sounds good to me!! The crowd on Friday was between the ages of 21-31, and my girlfriends and i encountered a lot of professionals who were in the bar for the amazing Happy Hour and never left, as well as some awesome Burlingame Locals, and a few people who came down from the city. In talking to the owner i was surprised to find out that on top of having DJs on all the expected nights, they also have one on Sunday night for.... REGGAE!! Go figure a Reggae club on Sunday in BURLINGAME?? I'm Checkin it out this Sunday! Final thoughts: How necessary, and Finally!!!

January 27, 2007

Lot's of potential, but not the place to get dressed up and go dancing.. Although I wasn't totally dissatisfied with the Vinyl Room, there were some things that made it just average. First the negatives. The biggest issue I had was the fact that they (the owners) would not allow the DJ's to play anything remotely close to Top 40. The reason behind this rule is to keep a certain type of "riffraff" out of the club. I understand playing certain music will either encourage or discourage certain clientele, but not bending the rules can sometimes push good customers away. The music they played was ok, but there weren?t enough songs that you could dance to, which made people lose interest and leave. The club?s decor is chic and the customers seemed like wanna-be thugs (I guess thugs aren?t the riffraff the owners want to keep away). The drinks were average. I was given the wrong type of alcohol even though the bartender swore she gave me what I asked for. The drinks are a bit pricey too. I believe there are two owners; one was extremely nice and promoted his club is a very professional manner. I told him to get rid of his partner, because his was a bit rude. They advertise a dance floor. The dance floor is the space where no one is standing. Ok, now for the positives. There is no cover. There was no line when I got there (but I did get there a bit early). One of their DJ?s came later in the night and danced with some of the girls on the dance floor; he was very entertaining. Overall I believe this is an average club. I may give a second chance and go on Saturday?s when they play house music (which is more my style). If you are looking for a place to get dressed up and go dancing, this probably isn?t the best choice (on Friday?s anyway). This club is relatively new, and has a lot of potential. If the owner?s listen to some of the customers? requests, it will definitely be a club that I would visit again.

January 20, 2007