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Review from Citysearch


All better!!. When I was younger I went to my dad's chiropractor to see what it was about. I was totally turned off by this guy and I swore off chiropractors all together. Last year I was seeing an accupuncturist who urged me to see her chiropractor, she praised him so much that I couldn't not see him. So, I started seeing Dr. Oncken about 4 or 5 months ago. It is difficult for me to say how much better I feel now, as I don't really remember how bad I was feeling! I do remember, though, filling out paper work explaining all of my aches and pains, and I can honestly say that the majority of those aces and pains are completely gone! Seeing Dr. Oncken has been a life changing experience for me that I will cherish forever. Not only is he an amazing chiropractor, which he is, he is also a wonderful person. Always eager to share his knowledge, and always eager get get a good laugh. The energy in the office is positive, relaxed, and fun with people laughing all around. I am moving out of town in a week and am feeling very sad to leave Dr. Oncken. I have loved the whole experience and will miss it badly.

March 07, 2010