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Review from Citysearch


Great all around care. I was always skeptical of chiropractors, but after trying everything (medical doctors, physical therapy, pills) and not getting any better, I gave in and started going to Dr Oncken on the recommendation of a friend. I was experiencing extreme ear fullness, dizziness, neck pain, and extreme fatigue, and I'm happy to say that after treatment from Dr. Oncken for a few months, my symptoms are almost completely gone. Further, he recommended using a foam roller for knee pain I was experiencing (IT band friction) that had kept me from jogging for years. I went from being able to jog barely 1 mile with several days in between to 3+ miles for days in a row without knee pain. It's hard to think about how miserable I was a few months ago when I'm feeling this good now and continue to get better. I am no longer a skeptic and highly recommend Dr. Oncken.

January 14, 2009