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Stellar Dr. Oncken. Forgotten what it's like to be pain free? Yeah, me too. Before my days at Dr. Oncken Chiropractic, for years, I was popping pills like candy. all the pills ever really did was take the edge off.. Not so awesome. I was going through my day to day thinking my pain was just another part of life. I know now it doesn't have to be this way. HALLELUJAH! The best part.. being pain free is pretty effortless and seeing my outstanding chiropractor Dr. Oncken is such a pleasure! Not only in Dr. Oncken a wonderfully extroverted and incurably optimistic people person, he knows and genuinely cares about each one of his patient individual stories and needs. This awesome chiropractor is more then qualified to get you on the road to pain free happiness. He also has a stellar background; Dr. Oncken has special training in: whiplash and brain traumatology, advanced sports injuries, structural rehabilitation of the spine and extremities and treatments that are specific for instabilities of the low back, pelvis, neck and shoulder areas. It is a pure joy being a part of this office. I really have enjoyed meeting and getting to know all the great people that are under Dr. Onckens care. The feel of the office is uplifting, lighthearted and positive. This awesome energy brought in and maintained by Dr. Oncken really attracts in good people. As soon as I arrive I feel so welcomed not only by the good Dr. but welcomed with open arms by all the patients too. I'm not totally pain free, but after only five months I'm an incredible 80% better! He's a miracle worker! Go, even if you haven't been in a car accident or a slip and fall thing. You deserve to feel better don't you? Stop taking pills and suffering the side affects. Go to Dr. Oncken feel better, take control of your body, throw away the harmful pills that only temporarily cover the endless problem of pain and let Oncken Chiropractic better your life.

January 04, 2009