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Don't get your hair cut here if your time or money's value means anything to you. On my first visit, my stylist was 15 minutes late and triple booked with clients, and she cut my hair literally as fast as she could between appointments. The haircut suffered because of this, and I didn't feel like my time meant anything and it definitely wasn't worth $75+ for feeling rushed and basically pushed out the door in less than five minutes of her time. Went back for a new haircut a couple weeks ago, and told the receptionist ahead of time that I had long hair that needed extra time. I brought a specific picture of what I wanted, and my stylist, Susan, was double booked and extremely rushed. She decided she was so busy that she was going to cut my hair dry - something I never would have agreed to if I was told in advance. I had brought in a picture of exactly what I wanted, and she refused to do any of it because it wasn't her personal preference. It felt like only her opinion mattered. Any time I asked her to cut my hair more or add layers, it was like pulling teeth. She ended up barely doing anything... Now, my hair looks completely unchanged in the front, completely flat and shapeless. No one could tell I had a haircut, besides the fact that the back is cut ruler straight across the bottom; one thing I specifically told my stylist that I hated and didn't want. My new haircut is the complete opposite of what I wanted in every single way. Literally. Not one thing that I asked for was honored, and I felt disrespected and not listened to at all when I was paying for my opinion to matter. Called and asked if it could be fixed by someone, but nope! Because I was busy with work, school, and going out of town the last two weekends, I was told I could only pay full price for an entirely new haircut to fix the lack of skill from my previous appointment. Not even an apology. I will never go to this salon again!

February 15, 2013

I came into Salon Vanity as a new customer for cut and color. Prior to scheduling my services, Nina told me that I would receive validated parking at the 16th and Sansom parking garage for $8. I confirmed that with her several times. On the date of my service with Roxy, I parked my car immediately before my appointment. When I was finished, I was provided with the parking ticket from the salon receptionist and was told I had to give that ticket in order to receive validation. I went back to the parking garage, got my car, inserted the tickets into the machine and got a message from the machine stating that it wasn't valid. I tried working with the parking attendant and explained to him that I was supposed to get validated parking, and he said I had to contact the salon. I called the salon right away, but they were closed. I called the following day, emailed, called, emailed, (I kind of had to chase them for a response) and so on, and I was told that it was not their problem and that they could not accomodate me. They actually ignored my emails too. They told me I had to call the parking garage on Sansom to clear this up; yeah, like that worked. I told Salon Vanity that I had the receipt from the parking garage to prove everything I was saying. Even so, they did nothing at all to refund me the difference in parking, which was a sad $5!!! In addition, they suggested that I took too long after parking my car to come into the salon, and that I parked at the wrong garage!! Again, I told them I had my receipt, but even with proof, they had no interest in refunding me money that they promised me. I called and asked to speak with the manager and owner, and Nina said that they don't answer phone calls. What kind of place has management that doesn't address customer concerns?! As a first time customer, I'm actually quite shocked at the lack of professionalism of a salon so highly rated. I tried everything to get back the money from Salon Vanity and the parking garage, and everyone has ignored me. I told them that if they would not work with me, that I would post a review on Yelp informing everyone of the situation. The front desk told me that they did not want to help me, and that I could go ahead and post a review! Unbelievable!

January 04, 2013
Doesn't Recommend

Talent replaceable; Not the customer. A friend of mine recently told me that they followed their stylist here from another salon. They shared how snobby and unprofessional Salon Vanity was to them and my friend explained they decided not to continue their relationship with their stylist due to the unwelcoming nature of the salon. The receptionist was very rude to him, he stated. He was turned off by many additional aspects, such as inconvenient parking, location, cold and snobby staff who gave him dirty looks. He's willing to pay high prices, he states. (This friend of mine has a lot of money to spend). I shared with him my personal experience of this salon which is too horrible to even explain or publish online. It is absolutely the most unprofessional place I have ever gone to. I had an average experience with my hair but it was not worth the unprofessionalism and harshness that I experienced from the staff there. They act as if the customer is replaceable. Unfortunately, they need to understand it is the other way around. The TALENT is replaceable, not the customer. I go somewhere else now where the talent is incredible and world class. I would not reccomend this salon to anyone. The tone comes from the top, and while there may have been some turnover in this salon, my poor experience was basically attributable to the ownership team. Therefore I believe this salon is still nowhere near being the 'best'. It is quite subpar actually. Getting your hair done should be a warm, relaxing, friendly experience where the staff does everything in your power to make you comfortable and look as beautiful as possible. An elitist attitude where staff is unproffessional, gives average cuts and color, and is unwelcoming and snobbish is not the ideal salon.

August 31, 2011

2 words..... Beth Cooper. I am a 51 year old woman who has struggled with my coarse, thick, and heavy hair my ENTIRE life. I have consulted with stylists from LA to NYC. Many of them high profile, "stylists to the stars"- I have spent more money than I'd like to admit- and walked away not liking my hair any more or even more importantly, "understanding" my hair, any better. Hair is one of the first things you notice about someone, and mine is generally pulled back in a "clip" because I just didn't know what to do with it. Enter Beth Cooper. In my continued quest to find SOMEONE, ANYONE who could help, I consulted Citysearch and read rave reviews about Salon Vanity and Beth. I decided to give the Salon and Beth a try. On my very first appointment I was coming in from NJ and got into a traffic situation. I was running 45 minutes late. I figured such a high profile "city" salon would tell me to reschedule. They could not have been nicer! Fortunately Beth was a bit flexible that day, and could still work me in..."no worries". When I got there, I was so attracted to the space. It is airy, lofty, bright and non pretentious. Everyone that works there is so nice and down to earth. I met Beth, and she was bubbly, energetic, vibrant and knows her hair. She immediately started talking to me about what would look good. Colors, processes and styles. She took the time to really look at me and my hair. I could just tell she loved what she did, and that part of her job as a stylist meant to her, imparting her “tips and tricks” to her client. I left that day with not only the best single process color, with highlights and haircut that I EVER have had....but Beth also gave me tips that have changed the way I maintain my hair- and they have made an ENORMOUS difference. I have received so many compliments, people have really noticed!! Beth takes the time with her clients, I am indebted to her. She recommended I should try the Brazilian Blowout on my next visit. I just went back this Friday and had that done. Where I once hated my hair, I now look at it as my crowning jewel. I LOVE what she did!!! This young woman KNOWS hair and KNOWS what will work for her clients. RUN…do not walk, to get an appointment with her. She is a genius….and I am beyond thrilled to have finally found her!!

May 31, 2011
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