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Triptych Restaurant

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Great experience from beginning to end!. My first contact with Triptych was with David, the owner. I spoke with him a week before my get together & from our first conversation to the end of the actual dinner - my experience was positively great. He was extremely helpful & informative; he gave me the option of a set price menu ranging from $35 -$50 & catered to the price that I gave My group of 18 people got a DELICIOUS 5 course meal. We all got the soup du jour- hearty and VERY YUMMY, the sashimi - makes my mouth water as I remember how DELICIOUS the butterfish was, the crispy tofu salad was light & healthy & YUMMY! The main courses were EXCELLENT - from the meat/fish choice pork osso bucco, leg of lamb, pan-seared salmon to the vegetarian dish, quinoa & tofu... we all had the chance to taste them and that's when I started hearing how this was a place that they would COME BACK TO! Finally, dessert... 3 different type of creme brulees and a pyramid noisette - DELICIOUS! The restaurant itself was very, very cool - the artwork , the decor really set the ambiance for a nice & relaxed place to have a group of friends get together; I would definitely go back here for a romantic date - it's not your typical snobby, snooty place where the price of the food definitely does not match up to the quality that you're paying for. The bathroom is pretty damn cool... love the 70's look - brought back some of my friends to their youths! David & his staff were very kind, helpful, & really paid attention to my group. I was fortunate enough to meet David himself who was even nicer in person! I highly recommend this place & if you want to do a big group thing, this place is perfect! One friend said to me, "SF has great restaurants,after awhile, I found that I'm just not impressed, however, this one - I am and would definitely come back."

June 06, 2007
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