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Thank you, Thank you!!!. Thanks to Corey I can open my jaw without it clicking or getting stuck. I have had horrible TMJ for the last 10 years and after numerous nightguards and dentists advice I decided to try something different. Corey's TMJ massage has been an absolute g-dsent. I no longer wake up with horrible headaches from clinching my jaw all night and I can open and close my jaw without the horrible noises. If you have TMJ, please, please go see Corey and get it taken care of, there is no reason to live with the pain, there FINALLY is a solution. Thank you, thank you. Corey and Candace are the most sanitary, professional, helpful, and friendly people I have ever met. I trust them completely and I am immediately put to ease when I walk through their place. Everything is immaculate, the beds and equipment are clean and they are always on time and ready to help out. They give great advice and are never pushy with their products or solutions. Most of the time I wish I could stay on the beds and sleep because I am so relaxed even when Corey is working her massage magic (no pain, no gain). I highly recommend InSymmetry. I have been to spa's all over northern and southern california and no where else will you find this type of friendly service combined with professional treatment and a more relaxing, clean and pleasant atmosphere. The staff is very flexible with making appointments and willing to take last minute emergencies (which is helpful).

June 22, 2006
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