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Review from Citysearch


AMAZING!!!!. I have read the reviews and am shocked to find that they are so low. I have eaten at this place numerous time as I have taken clients here and been on dates here too. Every time I walk away more than impressed by the food. The flavors and diversity the offer are amazing! Last night I shared two entrees with a friend. The first was Sweet Corn Croquettes with roasted red pepper-almond sauce, sauteed spinach leaves and oh my gosh these were to die for! The friend I brought is anti healthy food and couldn't believe how much he loved the food and place. We also got the yellow fin tuna which was cooked to perfection. I can't tell you how many times I have ordered that and it comes out too try or lacking flavor. Every area of this fish, both inside and out, was perfect. One of the bread choices they start you out with is whole wheat sourdough bread which comes out warm and soft. I always try to skip the bread but I just can't here! They have outdoor seating and window seating that makes you feel like you are outdoors as they open up the large window walls. The waitstaff everytime I have been has given us great and friendly service. I really admire this place as they support local and sustainable eating. This is an expensive concept to try and follow in a restaurant setting and it's amazing they don't pass along that cost to the customers. The prices for similar dishes at other restaurants are comparable if not cheaper with some of their options. I more than applaud Farmacia for their excellence! I look forward to introducing more people to their business!

July 18, 2011