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Doesn't Recommend

a good place to skip. I was amazed at reading the reviews here, because they mirrored my own experiences so closely. I ate at Farmicia three times, not just once, in an attempt to give the place the benefit of the doubt. The same thing happened each time: the wait staff--with the exception of one young woman who brought our food and was not seen again--seemed to be more interested in ignoring customers than in serving them. The last time I was there, we sat at a small table on the bar side of the restaurant. Our 'waiter' took our drink orders, walked three steps to the bar, and then proceeded to chat with the [not-busy] bartender for nearly ten minutes before bothering to return with our drinks. When the food was served, it was served with the annoyance and abruptness mentioned in the other reviews here. I have a profound respect for servers who do their jobs professionally; it is a tough business and they work incredibly hard. The servers at Farmicia need to get out of the business, as do the managers who are stupid enough (or greedy enough) to hire them. Barring a gun at my temple, I will never go back.

January 05, 2010