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Doesn't Recommend

Comically bad service. I had been eager to try Farmicia for a while now. Too bad I didn't read the reviews first, because I can confirm what others here say. We went on a slow Sunday night for dinner. The host seated us without a word, and by the time our waiter appeared ("Is anyone helping you--I guess I will then") he didn't offer to take our drink order or tell us about the specials. He only said "What can I do for you?" I asked him if he could tell me about the Saint Peter's fish and with a blank stare he said."No." I thought he was joking. He said "I mean, how would I know if you'll like it or not? I don't know what you like." Taken aback, I explained that I didn't want a recommendation, but asked could he at least describe it for me. He said it was tilapia, but that they call it Saint Peter's fish so they can charge twice as much for it! We didn't order it, obviously. Our food was delivered by the cranky host, who just set down the plates in any place without identifying them, leaving us to figure out what was what. We ordered mojitos but they were out of mint. The food was fine, not great. The cranky waiter brought to dessert menu and the check without a word and for the first time in my ENTIRE life I left NO TIP. I was kind of appalled at myself, but really couldn't believe how bad our experience was...even if the food was ok, it was not worth ruining our night over, which it did. It was a terrible experience that left my date and I feeling sick about wasting our time and money. We observed other customers being treating poorly too, and sending back their wine and food.

September 10, 2007