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Review from Citysearch


Terrible service, good food.. I had heard and read good reviews of this place, with the exception of the service. Unfortunately, it was true. I went with a party of 6. The BYOB is great, and we were not charged a corking fee. The food was also delicious. We had the mushroom rizotto for an appetizer, I had the pork chop for dinner (I never had turnips that were so good!) and the rhubarb cobbler for dessert. The atmosphere was probably the best part of the experience. The lighting, colors, and breeze created from the giant windows open to the street was relaxing. And now the service. I think we might have had the same waiter who was mentioned previously on here. Uncommunicative and indifferent. Didn't introduce himself or welcome us to the restaurant, just sort of quietly watched our table in a too quiet way. No personality at all. Also, we had to ask for water a bunch of times, which I find a great annoyance these days. I served in 3 restaurants and I don't think you should ever have to ask for things, it should always be thought of one step ahead. Also, the wine corking service did take some waiting. Finally, I asked the waiter for dessert recommendations and he didn't really have any suggestions, just the same casual indifference. He pointed out two and said they were good in a way that made me think he might have never really tried them at all. Aside from those gripes, it is a beautiful place with good food, and that is why I recommend trying it for yourself. I guess the service is just the luck of the draw. But FARMICIA please read these comments and take note...

April 23, 2007