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Doesn't Recommend

Incredibly RUDE service. I went to Farmicia for the 2nd time this past weekend. The first time it was a lovely experience. This time, it was AWFUL. I am a junior at Penn and went with 6 of my sorority sisters (all of whom are 21). We brought our own bottles of wine as is allowed. After ordering and already opening our wine, the waitress came over and said "I didn't realize this but we still need to see your IDs. Since I'm sure some of yours are fake, can you all please stop drinking?" It was so inappropriate and accusitory. As we were all 21, we said, can you just check our IDs? The girl said she didn't know how to check IDs and brought over another waitress who was even RUDER. This one stood by the side of the table looking over our IDs for literally 15 minutes. It was embarrassing and inappropriate at a nice restaurant while we were trying to have a nice meal. Finally, she told two of the girls from Texas that their IDs were fake (which they weren't... so clearly this woman had no idea what she was doing) and that although they didn't expire until 2011, they needed to get new licenses that were horizontal. In Texas, and Pennsylvania for that matter, they don't give horizontal licenses till yours expires. She then refused to look at their credit cards and school IDs for backup and said they needed a second form of state ID. I'm sorry, but who carries around their passport to a restaurant!? Who should have to!? At this point, our whole meal was ruined (and an expensive one that at!!) We spoke to the manager at the end of the meal who said "we've had problems with fake IDs in the past." So what? Their past problems had nothing to do with our table. They had absolutely no reaosn to be rude to us. You can't make accusations that someone would have a fake ID just because they look younger. Overall, the service was so incredibly rude to us. If you look under 30, I would definitely not recommend going here because they will just give you a hard time even if you BYO.

March 24, 2008