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Doesn't Recommend

PART 1: Terrible service, Good locally produced food, byob for parties of less than 6 or 10 or something.. Good food. They do the locally grown thing, which I appreciate. Pricey, but good nonetheless. However, the service is close to terrible. I've been here 3 times. Once for rest. week several years ago, once with my girlfriend's parents, and tonight with a party of 9. Tonight 4 of us showed before the other 5. We were promptly seated, given menus, et cet. We had a bottle of wine with us. (Although they serve wine, they let you bring your own wine and don't charge a corking fee, which is really nice -- we confirmed it on the phone and again with the waiter). The server asked if we wanted the wine opened, we said "yes, thank you," and waited. And waited. Eventually, the rest of the party showed up with more wine. We had to ask another server about getting the wine opened. So finally the original waiter comes back, to inform us that, unfortunately, they charge a $10/bottle corking fee for parties of 10 or more. We inform her that we're only a party of 9. She says she needs to talk to her manager. After a long time, she comes back to tell us that they weren't going to charge us this time but in the future they would. I asked what the cut off point was - It didn't think it was appropriate for her to make us feel like we were getting a favor when we were clearly a party less than 10. She fed fed us some line about how they typically charge for larger parties and how they lose money when larger parties bring their own booze. Again I asked her what the cut off point was. And suddenly 6 people qualified as a "larger party" and she that we got lucky this time. The point is, she should have come back after talking with the manager and sweetly said something like, "I'm sorry for the mix up -- there won't be any charge tonight but we do have new policy that parties of 6 or more get a nominal corking fee." But instead she made the whole thing into a big issue and we sat there in awkward silence for 5 minutes while she slowly opened 4 bottles of wine.

December 21, 2006
Doesn't Recommend

Worst Service. My boyfriend and I went during Restaurant week excited to try out a new place. At first, everything seemed great. We were seated right away, the waitress came to a table shortly after being seated and was very pleasant, little did we know what was in store for the rest of the night. After being served our bread and salads we were patiently waiting for our entree to be brought out. The waitress came over with new knives for our entree and said that our meal would be brought out in a few minutes. She then turned to the table next to us and told them the same thing (the gentlement at that table ordered their meal after us). A few minutes pass and the table next to us is served their meal. Time goes by and we have still not received our meal and our waitress is nowhere in sight. The gentlemen at the table next to us FINISH their meal as we are being served ours. The food was ok, not bad, but nothing great, but that didn't really matter as the waitress never came back to check on how everything was. She finally returned to clear our plates (still not asking how the meal was) and then asked if we wanted to order dessert - we had ordered it at the time that we ordered the rest of the meal. She then tried to guess what we had ordered and was wrong so she took the correct orders back to the kitchen. When the desserts were served, my boyfriend had received the correct one, but I had not. I called her over and told her this, she disappeared back into the kitchen to order the correct one. 15 minutes later she arrived and asked if my dessert was ever brought out. I told her no and said I didn't want it at that point to which she replied "Ok, I will get you the check" never apologizing for me not getting the dessert that I paid for. This was the worst service I've ever experienced in my life. The only reason I gave it a "1" was because the food wasn't that bad.

September 13, 2006