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Doesn't Recommend

Frankly, it sucked. Damn it, this place was all bad. The story: I'm visiting nyc from san fran, this place sounded like it had a unique idea, so we gave it a shot. We had 4 guys and 3 girls. If you have no girls then you have to buy bottles. We arrived at 10:15, we got in by 11, that's okay. The bed idea is cool but duvet really dropped the ball, their sheets are dirty and ripped, not cool. i opened a tab and had a good time drinking, the drinks were okay. At the end of the night they billed me for items i did not buy, they wouldn't listen to me and threated to call the police, which was okay with me, but i had to fly back to sf in the morning and they wouldn't return my ID without me signing the bill, so i signed. Plus they added an extra 20% gratuity charge. My $150 worth of drinks turned into $250, fail. Now for the pro/con breakdown... Pros: - The door guy was nice. oddly he let the guys in before the girls, hah, never had that happen before but i'll take it. Cons: - outside in line: Semi-long wait - Music: the dj was simply bad. there was no rhythm, the genres bounced around at random from dance to hiphop to dance back to reggae. At some points people stopped dancing because we had all lost our groove. - Decor: No jellyfish in their tank like they say they have. Bed sheets are definitely not white, it's a little gross. - Service: the wait time for drinks was okay, 5 minutes. At the end of the night i saw that they charged me for drinks that i did not order, plus added a 20% gratuity tax at the end of the night. BEWARE: if you open a tab they will add a gratuity tax and possibly add drinks to your bill; i have talked to several people now that have had this happen. On top of this my bank statement now shows that they are trying to charge double what the bill says. 2 major fails! Unforntunately i'm forced to file complaints with the credit card company and B B B. Overall: - This place is nothing, it's below average in every catagory, it's litterally a waste of time plus a little risky because of their billing shadiness. If anyone else has had them add bogus drinks or falsify your bill, please contact me.

September 08, 2009
Doesn't Recommend

Plus size girls not allowed!!!!. I never been so embrassed in my life! I've been to Duvet numerous of time and I use to like it up to saturday. My friend just turned 21 and she never been to a club before. My friend is a plus size girl and well me I'm pretty small, but never had I been so disrespected and embrassed in my life. Me and my friend went to Duvet in which we arrived there at 11:15pm we didn't get to the front of the line until 12:10 in which they purposely keep u waiting there so u can pay the admission fee despite being there early. Which this was totally crazy considering it was about 20 people in front of us. But anyways when we got to the very front they were about to let me in, but then the security guard asked me was she with me (my friend) who was standing behind me at the time. I said yes. He then told me to get off the line and at first I was confused like why did we have to get off the line, but I did... and then I asked him why did we have to get off he then state do you want the real truth I said yeah! He said while he looked at my friend he stated we have the right to choose who we let in. I was upset i immediately tried to call the club number that I had for them to speak with the owner! I never heard of anything like this in my life, but of course no one picked up. So I called my other friend and told her what happen she then told me when she went to Duvet a while ago a staff memeber actually said they don't let fat girls in. I was enraged I hung up w/ her call 311 to find out how could i go about making a complain about the situation she later gave me the Human Resources number and I will definitely be calling them on Monday for Discrimination! Never did i once while viewing their online site see NO BIG GIRLS ALLOWED! Now my friend don't even want to ever go clubbing because of their unprofessionalism isn't her money green just like everyone else?

February 08, 2009
Doesn't Recommend

DUVET: FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!. DUVET-FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! We were visiting NY and wanted to spend the best new years eve ever, it was the WORST! We bought the tickets for ultra vip bed online $800 (4 tickets) which were not very cheap, but it was new years and it seem a nice club plus the services listed on the package sounded good: 1 bottle of vodka, 1 bottle of champagne, food, vip pass, open bar. We arrived around 9 pm, we didn?t get inside the club until 10:30! It was the coldest day in ny in the last 5 years, we were -2 Fahrenheit, sooooo cold! And this was the "vip pass." Once we got inside we were expecting food, there was none. The waitress charged us $100 dlls to bring the ?bottles? and for service, she only brought one bottle of vodka and disappeared for the rest of the night. Then, we never received the bottle of champagne for the toast, that was included in the package! we were starving, never received drinks from the ?open bar? the waitress never came back. We tried to talk to the manager Sabrina, so rude! she said ?we were only getting one bottle, to look for the waitress for the food and to do whatever we wanted, she was busy.? We basically left, we were starving, service was terrible. It was the most horrible new years eve and we paid for it $900 dlls! We ended up eating hot dogs at the street, with no new years eve toast. I was so embarrassed with my guests, I suggested this club and it was a huge disappointment.

February 07, 2009
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