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WORSE SERVICE EVER. Three words to describe this place: WORSE SERVICE EVER I came to this place this afternoon looking for a decent lunch place. Tender greens was closed so we decide to try this place. We walk in and ask to be seated outside since it was a gorgeous day. The host told us that outside seating was all reserved. I see a couple of empty tables and asked about one in particular. "Yes, it's reserved", he repeats. So fine. He seats us next to the restroom. That's fine too. The waiter is pretty good and get us our drink orders pretty quickly. We order and then we sat and waited. We waited and waited and waited. Keep in mind that we were seated around 12:40pm. By the time I asked how much longer the food was, it was 1:20pm. The waiter was sympathetic and checked on the kitchen. He came back and said that it's coming out and he's sorry. He did explain that there were two cooks that didn't show up that day and they weren't expecting that many customers. Ok I guess that was fine too. About 10 min later, I flagged him down again and asked about the food. He tells us he'll let the manager know. I see him talk to the host and the host goes to the kitchen. Btw, everything is annoying at most at this point because the waiter is attentive and sympathetic about the whole thing. HOWEVER, this is when it turned HORRIBLE. The host guy proceeds to "explain" that he can't make the chef cook any faster. (I'm repeating what this guy told us verbatim.) They are short on staff and it's going to take up to 10 more minutes for the food to be ready. We let him know that it's already been about 45 min. He "corrects" us and says "well, it's ONLY been 30 min that you've been another 10 min wait should be ok." REALLY?? That's ok?? What low standards are you comparing to?? Meanwhile I see the table next to us, who showed up after we did, getting their food. I ask the guy how come the other table got their food first. And his response is this "we can go back and forth on this...but there's nothing i can do." So we get up to leave. It gets even better. As we are walking out the door, I over hear him talking sh*t about us to the waiter. I turn around and say that was out of line...his response: "I already talked to you about this, so goodbye." WTF. I ask him his name...and he says in a haughty manner "actually....i'm the owner of this" So? So f*cking what. It's WORSE that you're the owner and acting this way. What DECENT human being treats people this way MUCH LESS PATRONS OF THEIR BUSINESS? This guy was horrible to say the least. No manners, no class, no decency. After reading some of the many bad reviews on this place....I won't be surprised if this restaurant gets shut down SOON. There are too many good eateries in that area with GOOD service and NON a$$hole owners for people to come here. Seriously, people if you come to this are basically saying that it was OK for "DEREK" the owner to treat customers this way. And a note for "DEREK", what an awful attitude and behavior you've portrayed in front of your own customers and your staff. Shameful. Oh and one more delightful detail. As I'm writing his name on the business card, I threw the pen down on the table and it bounces off and falls on the floor. He then screams out like a woman "you threw a pen at me! you threw a pen at me!" And follows us out of the restaurant saying Derek - stop being a little b*tch and grow up.

December 27, 2011

Service and Management Clueless. I'm definitely a foodie, and I enjoy going to all of the local food and wine events in the LA area. I have been lucky enough to have quite a few chats with some big named chefs in this area. So, that is the reason why I finally made it to this restaurant, which is a bit of a drive from where I live in Brentwood. Ben seems to be a very warm, down to earth person the few times I have seen and chatted with him. So you can understand that when my husband and I went there for our first time, I was assuming the staff would be up to par with his persona...NOT THE CASE! The waiter ( Aaron) made my husband and I feel uncomfortable from the time he stepped up to our table. He's one of those guys that is disappointed that you aren't going to be bringing a doggie bag home along with us. He's attitude was " You're only going to order the 18.00 cheese plate and the a 13.00 dollar Salad...., and your only having two ten dollar cocktails, and a bottle of Pellegrino" Mind you it was 11:30 in the morning on a saturday. He's attitude was lousy, and my husband and I were greatly disappointed. I asked to speak with the manager ( Teresa). She was just as condescending...she made excuses for him, more than she tried to resolve the manner professionally. Then she thought if she offered us something free, it would turn the whole situation around. I kindly told her, we didn't ask you to come here to offer us something free...We wanted to let you know personally that your staff is behaving with a salty attitude towards customers who are generous tippers, no matter how much our bill comes out to be. I had also advised her that I have seen and spoken to Ben at several events, and I would definitely tell him my feed back when I see him again. She comes back to the table afterwards and tries to quiz me to see what events I have seen him at! SERVICE WAS UNBEARABLE!! The food was good, but not enough for us to go back to the restaurant. Definitely don't recommend it!

August 16, 2008

Delicious is the best word!. You know how you find a place and want to back again and again because there's always something new - and it's always good? Well, I found my place in LA...and here are my thoughts. I was in LA for 10 days - 5 of us ate at fords the second night. Came back for lunch 3 times - yes - I made the drive all the way from Hollywood - it was my comfort spot in this beautiful little neighborhood. Jamon Serrano, Hot Sopressata, and Mortadella - little olives - ate the plate clean - delicious! Also tried this new dish they recommended called Sturgeon Confit with smoked tomatoes and olive and leek compote on a crostini - yikes it was incredible!! I was skeptical but it was major delicious. 4 Cheese Pizza on flatbread - light and savory! Kusshi Oysters - small and succulent - (usually I get tough big ones in other restaurants) great! Roasted Beet Salad - my mother used to force to eat beets - so this is the first time since a kid to eat them on a dare at the table - I loved them!!! (in shock) Buttermilk Fried Chicken - I am from the south so I wondered about this one but decided to try because our server recommended it - but it was crispy and boneless - on top of great potatoes and succotash .... I have died and gone to heaven! Polenta Cake - wow - I had no idea polenta could be so delicious. Fish and Chips - Every bite was perfect! We also tried the Shrimp Curry - as a curry aficionado I have to admit this is really good - the bacon on top and the toppings on the side make it perfect. And something that brought me back for lunch 3 more times ( I am now addicted) - the Pulled Pork Panini! Unbelievable! I hated to see the last bite go. For dessert we had dark chocolate Tobblerone ice cream. Silky and rich!!! Also had the banana split - we all devoured it too...with three scoops of all the Toblerone flavors in it. Yummy and big! And one more thing - they make fresh lemonade there - couldn't resist! I am so crazy about this restaurant. It feels so good and comfortable.

June 09, 2008
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