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After 3 different dentists botched up my veneers three times, I was reluctant to go ahead for the fourth time. The time, the energy, and pain of those three times almost made me throw in the towel and I went to Dr.Wei to see what he could do. I found Dr.Wei online and found him impressive with the many awards and positive reviews. I went in for a consultation and starting from his receptionist to his dental assistant, I felt that they were very professional and I was comforted. Dr.Wei came to go over my teeth and he was very thorough with the exam. After the hellish experience of getting veneers done 3 times I did not want to do veneers again and I asked him about lumineers. He advised that it would be better for me to get veneers even though I was insistent that I get lumineers. While he was understanding about my previous experiences, he explained to me the reasons why he would re-do the veneers. Our conversation gave me the confidence that it will be okay and I went ahead with the veneers. I'm so glad I did! Dr.Wei is a perfectionist. He does not want you to look anything but fabulous. He is very caring about his patients and his work. My case was quite difficult because I had missing teeth but the end result is positively amazing! It looks natural but very nice. I had headphones the whole time and I wasn't in pain at all. Dr.Wei does a thorough job but he's quick so I didn't feel like it was taking forever. Honestly, I've never felt so comfortable at a dental office before. On top of all of this, his prices are very reasonable. You would think for such an in demand dentist in a prime location it would cost an arm and a leg to do veneers but I didn't find that to be the case at all. Thank you, Dr.Wei!

May 09, 2017

First let me start by saying i am a very honest reviewer and live my life by reviews for everything i do so this is my honest opinion.Dr Wei and his staff are so amazing!! I went to several dentists to make my decision about who is going to do my Veneer procedure, as I was SO embarrassed of my smile for years! For me this was a big decision since it can get very costly depending on your needs. After seeing around 8 different dentists i decided to go with Dr. Wei I did as much research as i could on him and found with his credentials and the way he presented himself at my consolation won me over. Dr. Wei has a trusting caring way about him that made me so at ease from my first consultation up to the last day of my veneer procedure he offers different financial options that can help you pay for treatment and he ALWAYS works with your schedule. Dr. Wei is so gentle and makes you feel so calm you wish you would have found him years ago as that is how I feel. Also Amanda his assistant is so wonderful with your needs. If i had any needs or concerns they would fit me in the same day with no problem just to make me feel happy and satisfied. My new veneers look so beautiful and natural it will really amaze you to see the before and after. I am no longer embarrassed to smile as i was or covering my mouth when I talk I am so much more confident and I can really cry when i think of what Dr. Wei corrected that i was most self conscious about. I will continue to see Dr. Wei even if my dental insurance wont cover anything ! That is how amazing he is. If you are having any hesitations with who you should go see please go at least for a consultation with him, you will not be disappointed and i know you will LOVE him! And he did veneers , cavities, cleaning and much much more with the time frame i gave him and finished before my BIRTHDAY as i asked even with his busy schedule!!! He honestly made me so happy. I cant thank him enough. Thanks Dr. Wei & staff!

November 23, 2015
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