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Steak 'N Shake

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Worst chicken sandwiches ever. We got the ad for their new chicken sandwiches in the paper and decided to try them. I went through the drive through and ordered 1 double grilled chicken, 1 breaded double chicken, 2 fries, and 2 shakes. I was told to pull up and they would bring out the food when it was ready. I gave the cashier coupons for each sandwich to be 1.99 and the yogurt shake to be .99. She took them without comment. After I parked I realized that I forgot to tell them no mayo on my wife's sandwich and went in the restaurant. After telling the same lady I had ordered the meal from, she informed the cook. I also asked her about the coopons. She said that they could only accept one per visit. I then sat down at the snack bar to wait for my food. A worker brought my shakes out after a few minutes. After another 5 minutes the woman came out and said "you havn't got your food yet?" I shook my head and she asked the cook where my order was. He said he didnt have any orders, even tho she had told him to hold the mayo on the grilled chicken a few minutes before. After another 5 minutes or so they brought out the order. She said she thru in some fries for my troubles. I said that was nice of her considering I ordered those too. Quality of food: Chicken was fake. It had a funky processed flavor to it. They left mayo off both sandwiches and the lettuce was wilted. The shakes were not great considering the name of the place. My wife wouldnt drink hers. I will not be returning given the choices available in the area.

June 07, 2007