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Homestyle - The Pakistani Way. I've been eating here along time, since 2004, and have seen the community drawn in to the good food and personality that makes of Lahore Kahari. Many people have already said and sang the praises. I'd like to comment on few of the cons listed. The service staff, and I know who you are taking about, is a very sweet nice man. He is shy and he tries but he does struggle with the various customs and dialects that are here in San Francisco. Its like eating Thanksgiving Dinner with extended family. Sometimes very intimate, sometimes a bit stressed around the edges. The intentions of everyone is good and - again - if you're use to certain protocols of American dining you may have to learn that something like immediate clearing of finished plates is not a universal custom. However, the middle east is extremely unique in its generous nature. Do not be surprised if you enjoy freebies along the way or something made special just because the chef thought you'd enjoy it, no charge. As for the neighborhood....if you don't look like a "pro", a picture-taking tourist from WI, "flashing colors", or someone looking to score drugs....the most you might get is "Hey baby" or "Do you have some change." Yes, things change after midnight, so finish your dinner by then. One block up on Geary between Mason and Leavenworth, there are 3 expensive trendy bars, no less then 3-4 tourist hotels and the open late thai noodle house that seems to be a little hotspot until 2am on the weekends. Its a little seedy around the Jones/O'Farrell area but just walk with confidence. Otherwise, use Geary to walk over to Leavenworth and then walk down the block to O'Farrell. You will NOT get a quick meal, ever. Plan at least 30-40 min for carryout and 90 min for dinner. Things dont move fast, thats why its good. Grab a glass of chai, talk, relax, etc. While you cannot order drinks here, you can bring beer/wine no extra charge. The ice cream and lassi are homemade. MENU @ lahorekarahisf . com

May 30, 2007