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Doesn't Recommend

Nicholas is great - Spa Sucks. 2 of my friends and I had massages last Saturday. We inquired about the spa facilities upon check-in and were told it was full service with a sauna, steam shower and regular showers. We decided to go before our massages to relax and get the full spa experience. We were greeted at the spa by what I think of as typical Philly service - not rude enough that you'll complain but not nice enough that you'll feel welcome. On the plus side, we were asked what we would like to drink and were rewarded with a nice glass of champagne. We entered the ladies "locker" room and quickly discovered there was not a lot of room to move around. There are about 12-15 lockers - all of the locks were broken which meant we had to keep any valuables with us :( There were already two ladies sitting in the locker area and with one small bench they gave us a dirty look and vacated - guess we had invaded their space, this is obviously no fault of the spa. We were each given comfy robes and slippers and with our wallets in tow decided to sit in the steam shower. Initially it was freezing but after a bit of work my friend was able to bring on the steam which was great. Eventually we decided it was close to time for our massages and we went to sit in the only available spot which someone already pointed out is a couch between the reception desk and the salon. Not exactly relaxing. They had cheese and crackers out for you to eat near the couch and a strange assortment of dvd's for purchase. Eventually it was time for our massages, I was lucky enough to get Nicholas who was great, albeit VERY chatty! If you don't like to speak during your massage ask for someone else. He did a great job and threw in a bunch of reflexology which my friend paid an additional $25 for. The major drawback to the massage was that I could hear all of the other people in the salon or maybe just the ones getting their nails done next door? I get that the Ritz is in an old building but for the price would expect a lot more noise defining insulation in the walls at a minimum and really what they need is a renovation to seperate the "quiet" activities from the loud ones. Overall, I think you will be happier with your experience and more relaxed if you go elsewhere. Oh and one last note, we liked the champagne and as we were checking out I said "Oh, we really liked the champagne, do you know what kind it was?" to which the receptionist scoffed and said "You did?!" Save your money....

January 12, 2010