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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

If you are looking for relaxation Go Elsewhere!. This spa is the antithesis of what a spa should be. You would expect relaxation, forgetting about your worries and everything else a spa should be. Especially a spa at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia. This spa was everything a spa should not be. When you wait for your appointment most spa's will have a calm and tranquil waiting area where you can relax and unwind while you wait. Not this place. Here you sit in a small area next to the area where people are getting their hair done and you have to listen to loud hair dryers and echoing conversations. Next you are also seated right next to the front desk. Where on the day we were there the staff felt the need to yell and loudly discuss their issues that day. The rest of the staff was running around and making for a more tense and stressful expereince than relaxing. The spa was also understaffed and they let everyone know it with their horribly loud conversations. We actually had to cancel our appointment because we could not stand to wait there in that environment anymore. Please save your money and go elsewhere. This is not what you would think the Ritz-Carlton should be.

August 11, 2009